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Aug 13, 2013 12:56 PM

Reputable Websites for Buying Asian Ingredients

I'm looking for Pagoda brand Shaoxing Chinese rice wine (I'm not looking for cooking rice wine).

I'm also looking for Gold Plum brand Chinkiang black vinegar.

I'm looking to buy these from a known reputable website that reliably sells these. I can't find these currently for sale on Amazon and all the information I keep finding is outdated (Websites no longer exist, stores no longer carry the items) or says go to an Asian market, which I've been to and no one is carrying these exact items sadly (Or is too far away).

So if anyone knows a reputable website that sells these brands regurally you'd make my year.

I'm looking to buy Tien Tsin Chili Peppers ( ) and my last question is if anyone with experience making Kung Pao chicken knows if Tien Tsin chili peppers are the best to make an authentic Kung Pao chicken out of.

Thank you, if I wasn't clear enough and you have questions just reply and I'll reply back.

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    1. re: girloftheworld

      Thank you for the heads up.

      I e-mailed them, I'll keep you updated on what they say about if they ship.

      1. re: girloftheworld

        Lan Ly sent me this:


        At this time we do not ship out products.

        Thank you

        MT Supermarket"

        Oh well, at least she is nice though.

        Any other thoughts where I might find these ingredients online?

        1. re: KungPaoDumplings

          ahhh too bad when I order on line I have luck with

          1. re: girloftheworld

            They have my Gold Plum brand black vinegar, but I live in the USA currently. They don't seem to ship to the USA, I sent them a message though and I will post here what they say.

            1. re: KungPaoDumplings

              I live in the US.. maybe I gave you the wrong site Ill go check the box in the garage

              AHhh Mystery dad says he sends a guy at work the order who works in England goes to the store and then he ships it to us ...

              1. re: girloftheworld

                That's too bad, they have my vinegar.

                Thanks for the help, any other sites/suggestions?

                Thank you.

            2. re: girloftheworld

              This is what wrote back about shipping to the USA:


              Thank-you for your email. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to you in the USA because it is not in the list of delivery areas we have agreed with our courier.

              Sorry that we are unable to help you this time.

              Kind regards,

              The Team

              tw: @waiyeehong"

              So, that's too bad, any other sites/suggestions?

        2. I shop at Lotte Plaza. They've for a website.

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          1. re: Hobbert

            Thank you for the reply.

            I checked their website and they do not carry either of the items I'm looking for.

          2. I've used for my beloved Lan Chi Chile paste with garlic, and everything went fine.

            I don't know if they have the things you want, you'll have to search that part yourself- good luck!

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            1. re: cheesemonger

              Thanks for the help, I really need it.

              I checked the site and they also sadly don't have either of the ingredients I'm looking for, any other thoughts?

              Thanks again for the help.

              1. re: KungPaoDumplings

       has Pagoda- they don't appear to have Gold Plum black vinegar though but you should doublecheck.

                1. re: TrishaCP

                  I checked the website and found that you were right about the fact that they don't have Gold Plum black vinegar; they have a type of Chinkiang black vinegar, but it isn't Gold Plum.

                  Sadly the Pagoda Shaoxing rice wine on is Pagoda Shaoxing cooking rice wine which has added salt and I can't use.

                  Thank you very much for replying, do you have any other websites/suggestions?

                  Thank you again.

                2. re: KungPaoDumplings

                  sorry 'bout that. I checked my pantry and I have the gold plum chinkiang, but a different shaoshing. Both came from my local asian market, which doesn't help you much, I know.

                  I know how frustrating it is to try and find that one thing from that one brand- for me is was the chili paste I mentioned above.

                  Good luck to you, sorry I couldn't be more help.

                  1. re: cheesemonger

                    Yes, unless you live in New Hampshire, I doubt I could drive to your local.

                    I'm really happy you found that chili paste, I know how good it is to finally be able to make what you're looking to make and thank you for the sympathy (I've been on and off looking for these two ingredients for 3 years now. Admittedly more off than on, but when you have no leads what is there to do?).

                    Thank you for all the help you've tried with, if you can think of anything else pop a message here please. It's been nice talking at the very least.

                  2. re: KungPaoDumplings

                    was also going to say that I make Pao (Pow!) all the time, learned from some (chinese) friends in grad school. I don't recall them being particularly exact about the variety of the pepper, as long as they are the small dried red ones that create that acrid scorchy flavor when toasted in the wok.

                    1. re: cheesemonger

                      That's perfect information for me, no one has responded to my question about that. I'll certainly buy the Tien Tsin Chili Peppers from Penzeys if that is the case, they are exactly as you describe and sound perfect.

                3. If you ever find a source for the Gold Plum Chingkiang black vinegar, please report back to us. I am in the US. I've tried several other brands, but they don't even come close to the flavor of the Gold Plum. My eggplant dish, once exceptionally good, is now just ordinary from the lack of the right vinegar.

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                  1. re: jmnewel

                    I certainly will, I've been keeping this thread updated with my findings for the exact purpose. I know how hard it is to find when you don't have a local asian market that carries it or does special orders.

                    When I find it I will post it here straight away.

                    If you end up finding it or have any suggestions of websites I could look please post it here so we can help out other people.

                    Thank you.

                    1. re: jmnewel


                      jmnewel When you used to buy Gold Plum brand is this what the bottle used to look like?

                      The website is calling it "Golden Plum" brand, but the bottle in the picture is "Gold Plum" brand. I have contacted them about the descrepency. I will update here when they reply.

                      Is this the bottle you're used to seeing when using authentic Gold Plum brand Chinkiang black vinegar?

                      I know that many companies manufacture knock off Gold Plum Chinkiang black vinegar, so I just want to make certain at least the picture is of the authentic, so I can keep it in my files for reference.

                      1. re: jmnewel

                        Here is the picture is showing for the Gold (Currently listed as Golden) Plum brand Chinkiang black vinegar.

                        I am posting this here in case for some reason the website doesn't work well for you and as future reference for someone else.

                        Whether you confirm or deny this being an authentic picture, I know both sides will help someone out in finding the right product in the future if they try to find it and no longer exists or carries it (If they do carry the authentic).

                        1. re: jmnewel

                          jmnewel See my post below, Gold Plum Chinkiang black vinegar has been found online for the USA!

                          1. re: jmnewel

                            jmnewel Please still tell me if this picture of Gold Plum brand Chinkiang black vinegar looks like the authentic one you are used to.

                            I want to confirm that I am correct on my findings.

                            Thank you and if this is the real Gold Plum vinegar, I'm really happy we can both buy it now.

                            1. re: KungPaoDumplings

                              Sorry to be late in responding. This bottle looks nothing like the bottle of Gold Plum Chingkiang vinegar I have bought in the past. I will have to try this one. I'll report back when I have tasted it.

                              1. re: jmnewel

                                It's more than all right, I'm just happy you're responding (I have a few other questions on this thread for you to please respond to including about why you no longer shop at a specific store).

                                I thought the bottle looked off, thank you for trying it out and telling me what you find after you taste it.

                                It means a lot, thank you!

                                1. re: jmnewel

                                  The picture from the posharp store shows Gold Plum 'Premium 3 Years Matured' Chinkiang Vinegar which is why it looks different from the regular bottle of Gold Plum Chinkiang Vinegar most of us are familiar with.

                                    1. re: KungPaoDumplings

                                      I'd be interested myself as I haven't tried the Gold Plum 'Premium 3 Years Matured' Chinkiang Vinegar yet.

                                      1. re: foodchain

                                        If you ever try it (I'll do the same) post it here what you find, I'd love to know : )

                              2. re: jmnewel


                                On this thread you said you used to buy your Gold Plum Chinkiang black vinegar.

                                At this link:

                                Why don't you shop from them anymore? Are they not reputable? Do you find them overpriced?

                                The link to buying the vinegar we want is still active on their website so I wanted to know why you no longer purchase from them so I don't make some sort of mistake.

                                1. re: KungPaoDumplings

                                  The picture of Gold Plum black vinegar from Ethnic Foods is exactly right. I bought this vinegar from them for several years. The last time I ordered they sent me a replacement product that was clearly inferior. Nothing like the real Gold Plum, though the label had been made to resemble it.

                                  I called their office and was told that they have the right to substitute an equal product if they are out of the requested one. That is all well and good, but the substitute was in no way equal to Gold Plum. So now I avoid ordering from them. If anybody has success in getting the real thing, please post here.

                                  Amazon once listed Gold Plum, but they can't get it either. I am on a waiting list there to be notified when it is once more available.

                                  1. re: jmnewel

                                    The picture on their website is the one I know as authentic Gold Plum to be as well. I'm really sorry they sent you a fake.

                                    I can well understand why you avoid buying from them, it really isn't truly trustable. When was the last time you bought from them? I’m really just curious because if it was long ago enough, maybe the management has changed (Although I admit that that is doubtful).

                                    I will certainly post here myself if I have success in getting the real thing. I second your notion though: if anyone does successful buy authentic Gold Plum brand Chinkiang black vinegar please post here.

                                    I used to be on that notification list with Amazon, but the sellers on there are very hit and miss since it's not coming from Amazon directly I don't trust it. Too many people are reporting that the people selling on Amazon (That aren't Amazon) keep selling knock off fake brands.

                                    1. re: KungPaoDumplings

                                      I just placed an order for Gold Plum Chinkiang black vinegar with AsianSuperMarket 365 that you listed above. I shall keep you posted!

                                      1. re: jmnewel

                                        That is so exciting to hear!

                                        Thank you so very very much for the help!

                              3. I have ordered successfully from this website (recommended by a fellow CH when "Every Grain of Rice" was COTM). They do have the Black Plum vinegar (which you and jmnewel have convinced me I need!), but I don't see the wine. Delivery takes over a week, if I recall correctly.


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                                1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                  I'm glad the site is reputable, thank you for replying.

                                  The website calls it "Golden Plum" brand, while the picture says "Gold Plum" brand. I have e-mailed to see what's going on with the descrepency. I will update here when they reply.

                         only carries Pagoda Shaoxing cooking rice wine, not Pagoda Shaoxing rice wine for anyone who is curious.

                                  Thank you again, any other thoughts?

                                  1. re: KungPaoDumplings

                                    Sorry I called it Black Plum; hope that didn't further the confusion--but I wanted to mention that I ordered several items from posharp, and while there were occasional discrepancies between descriptions and what showed up in the photos, products that arrived were exactly as depicted in the photos.

                                    1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                      It's more than all right, you didn't further the confusion at all.

                                      I'm incredibly excited to hear that what is in the photo is what you get.

                                      I am having jmnewel (Or anyone else who is used to using and owning the authentic) confirm that it is in fact the authentic Gold Plum brand Chinkiang black vinegar and not some knock off (I've never bought it before so I can't confirm or deny myself if this is an authentic picture of it).

                                      1. re: nomadchowwoman

                                        It has been confirmed by that the brand they carry is in fact Gold Plum brand (Not Golden Plum brand).

                                        I have replied to them asking if they sell Pagoda brand Shaoxing rice wine (Since I only saw Pagoda brand Shaoxing cooking rice wine) and asked if they could special order it for me if they didn't carry it.

                                        Here is to hoping they can help me out.

                                        Thank you for this website/resource, you've made my year giving me a resource to get Gold Plum Chinkiang black vinegar.

                                        Thank you again!