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Aug 13, 2013 10:43 AM

Big Ed's Buzzard Barbecue in Santa Clara

The latest in a seeming string of brick and mortar BBQ restaurants founded by competition teams, Big Ed's Buzzard Barbecue, opened its doors today. In fact, just 10 minutes ago when I called to confirm. It's serving lunch from 10:30a to 2:00p.

Please post if you try it.

Big Ed's Buzzard Barbecue
807 Aldo Avenue
Santa Clara CA 95054

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  1. Haven't been in yet in person. My brother stopped by today and brought me a sampling of ribs and brisket.

    He bought a whole slab and asked them to not cut it into individual ribs. A whole slab is only $21.95 ($16.95 for half). Not that closely trimmed with more than an inch of rib tip gristle end left on. Delicious non-sweet rub and just the right amount of smoke for me. Tender but a little on the dry side, but nearly all ribs lose moisture after they cool down.

    The brisket, some slices and a lot of loose debris, has very good flavor. On the dry side too but I bet it would be fine if eaten on site right after it's sliced.

    William asked for the sauce on the side. He got the spicy one, which is medium-hot. William also tasted the medium, and felt it was not spicy enough.

    I didn't get to taste the sides. He ordered the spicy mac n cheese and the beans, both acceptable. The beans had a lot of bits of meat.