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Aug 13, 2013 10:05 AM

Sunday Breakfast - Dottie's or Brenda's? [San Francisco]

We'll be staying overnight in the City weekend after next, and I'm trying to decide where to have breakfast Sunday morning. Given the choice between Dottie's True Blue Diner or Brenda's French Soul Food, which place might have a shorter line/wait for a table for two at 8:30 am?

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  1. I am not sure, since I've never been to either place so early on a Sunday, but I would guess that Brenda's would have a shorter line.

    Anyone have experience with Sunday 8:30 AM lines?
    Dave MP

    1. dottie's food is far better; and it also opens earlier. that beign said, it's not as fun of a place to wati in line - 6th street is kind of seedy

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      1. re: vulber

        Based upon one visit to each place, I would not necessarily say that Dotties has better food than Brenda's - both are very, very good. THe main difference is that the menu choices are more limited at Brenda's, which (being on the edge of the Tenderloin) is in just as "seedy" an area as Dotties.

        1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

          >"Brenda's, which (being on the edge of the Tenderloin) is in just as "seedy" an area as Dotties."

          Cannot agree here. Waiting outside of Brenda's is MUCH less dingy.

      2. The only time we managed to go to Dottie's without there being a large lineup (minimum one hour wait) was on a weekday before opening. Wasn't worth the 20 minutes we did wait but we may have ordered wrong.

        1. Since we don't wait in lines...
          we go to
          Elmira Rosticceria
          154 McAllister St
          (at Hyde St)

          1. We were at Brenda's early and there was no line. Their biscuits are amazingly good.

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              There's rarely been a line at Brenda's the few times I've been. I've enjoyed most of what I've ordered there, but have found Dottie's to be far more enjoyable the few times I've been. The last being a Saturday morning, and the wait for 5 people was no more than 25 minutes, which isn't too bad if you're with a group.