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Aug 13, 2013 09:49 AM

Grumpy Whites in Quincy

Grumpy's is one of those neighborhood pub type places, and I've never cared for it. Even when regular posters, like hidenboston, whose opinion I respect, say something positive I couldn't bring myself to go. Well, yesterday circumstances were such it really was our only choice. I have to saying it was quite good. They have a number of lobster dishes and most everyone at the bar were ordering them. I went with the lobster Mac and cheese. I know this dish has been done to death but I liked their version. A simple preparation of good Mac and cheese (elbows) and a generous portion of lobster. The lobster roll looked huge so I'm going back for that soon.

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  1. One of the best things at Grumpy's used their onion rings. We were disappointed to see 'SORRY NO ONION RINGS' printed in bold red font on the menu the last time we were there. We asked the waitress what that was all about, and she said "'He' claims they back the kitchen up, so they are off the menu". Then she told us that we could get onion rings if we really wanted some, but they just weren't on the menu. We were even more bummed when the onion rings that came out were standard Sysco type meh rather then the outstanding hand-cut rings they served in the past. "Yeah" the waitress said, "they're not as good as before". It says a lot about a place that they take one of their best items off the menu because it is too much work. We still like the griddled burgers with garlic and the buffalo chicken sandwich, but it's really not worth going out of our way to get them with crappy fries or onion rings. Too bad.

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      That's too funny. One of the first things I noticed was the no onion rings statement on the menu. My thought was boy this place hasn't changed, but I am glad we stayed. We also noticed, after we ordered, that o-rings were being served at one of the booths. They looked good and not of the Sysco variety. You have to wonder what goes through management's mind when they make these kind of decisions.

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        Had to go back and order the onion rings. Really good and definitely not Sysco. They didn't seem pleased that we ordered them though. Kind of hard for them to say no when the people next to us just got an order!

        1. re: Pegmeister

          It's a silly approach to highlight that in red in the menu and then still offer the item.

          Did you ask if they were made in house? We did and the waitress told us they were not. The rings we had didn't hold a candle to their original rings. Glad you still enjoyed them though.

          1. re: Gabatta

            I didn't ask but I would put them in the same category as the o-rings at Kelly's Landing in Weymouth. They had a crisp, light, flaky coating rather than battered which I hate.

      2. Well, I guess he's not called Grumpy for nothing, LOL!

        1. I've always loved the "grumpiness" of Grumpy White's. It seems to be one of those iconic Quincy places that just is frozen in time. I haven't had the mac and cheese, but they do a very nice Prime Rib and Meatloaf. For your basic comfort food varieties, it's great.

          1. This place produces reliable cravable junk food. The garlic chicken tenders can't get in my belly fast enough.

            Is it me or are they pricey for the area/type of food they serve?
            Yesterday it cost $31 for a take out order of chicken parm and garlic chicken mac & cheese.

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            1. re: lynni98

              That does seem a tad high. Have you tried Coops? Not sure if it's convenient for you but they make a good chicken parm and you can easily get more than one meal out of it. Their garlic Parmesan wings are really something special. Oh and Grumy's chicken parm is $11.95 so how much are they charging for their Mac and Cheese?