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Aug 13, 2013 09:43 AM

Ugly english toffee in cake filling?

Hi. I just tried making some English toffee (1 cup butter, 1.5 cup sugar, 2 tbs water heated to 300f) and I think I let some stray crystals get in so it's not smooth and pretty, it's a bit chalky and grainy but tastes good with lots of nuts.

I am making a cake for a friend. Could I maybe crumble it and put it between the layers? Will it stay crisp or will it melt with the frosting (either a whipped ganache or flour frosting)? Party is this Saturday. I prefer to keep the toffee in the middle as its a bit ugly :) but if it will get soggy and melt then I can just crumble it on top before serving.

I also thought of grinding it in the processor as a kind of praline paste but that could go in many ways so I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I'm pretty sure it would get soft if you used it as a filling. I would pulse it in the processor and use it for ice cream topping!

    1. i too would vote for ice cream topping...or simply dip it in chocolate/drizzle more chocolate on it to prettify it?

      1. The crumbs may turn gloppy and create large air gaps in the cake. Next time add a tbls of corn syrup and don't stir after combining in the pan, you won't get crystals.

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          Yes, several recipes called for corn syrup but on my last big food run I could not find any. It was not in the baking aisle, I'm not sure what happened there. And i definitely should not have stirred (i did all of my YouTube and recipe research on this 2 weeks ago and decided to cook it today on a whim, no surprise it didn't turn out! thanks for the tips.

          Okay then it will definitely melt as frosting, so I will use it for something else. Yes it still breaks apart into pieces and if I am patient I can take the time to do each piece in chocolate LOL. Maybe I will take a little bit of it and try pulsing it and see if it will turn into praline paste.

          If it turned out correctly, would It have been suitable as a layer in frosting? Or would it still melt? I just think it would be a nice crunchy layer in cake

        2. you can use it as filling in an ice cream cake.

          1. If you do blitz it into crumblies that would be great in brownies! I used to buy those bars of toffee to use. But they didn't stay crunchy.

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              That is a great idea too, luckily they still taste good so my family and aunts family ate most of it already LOL