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Aug 13, 2013 09:27 AM

Naples for the weekend down from Tampa.

We are staying at the Ritz for the weekend (Our birthday celebration). Looking for 2 great dinner options. Please help.

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  1. lovely spot, romantic.

    gulf front: at least do sunset cocktails:

    Italian: Osteria Tulia Fifth Avenue.

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    1. re: LilMsFoodie

      We are doing Baleen on Saturday night for dinner...I have been trying to contact as well as having AMEX contact Tulia with no answer for the last 2 days? Does anyone know if they closed?

      So if Tulia is not open for Friday night, I am looking for another spot. There will be a group of 6 of us. Is Campiello's just as good? I hold Italian to high standards.

      1. re: thrilla05

        Campiello is not really Italian of the highest order. If you are looking for really great Italian, just drive a little north to Bonita Springs to Angelina's.

        Not sure about Osteria Tulia.
        I see no ressies from Open Table. Maybe they closed for August.

        I would do Barbatella in Naples which is across from Campiello before C. for Italian, but Angelinas is better.

        Tulia is chef owned. He was at Campiello before. None of these are red sauce type places BTW.

        Campiello is cougar central for Naples. It can be fun to watch. A little hot at night to sit outside which is one of the great attractions of Campiello.

        Have a great weekend.

    2. I'm a fan of the linguini with king crab at an outdoor table at
      Campiello. You can't eat all that crab at one sitting.

      1. I am a big fan of I.M. Tapas. The couple of meals that we have had there have have been great.

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        1. re: CFishman

          How about an upscale sushi restaurant? Anything like that out there?

          1. re: thrilla05

            AZN which is in The Mercato, one of those mixed use places. Lots of restaurants and bars...lots of fun to walk around and graze at night.

            Best sushi I've had is at DaRuMa. It is down close to the Ritz Beach Naples.


            We go to the one in Fort Myers. This is not some big chain, just 3 restaurants that have been making sushi here long before it became such a "thing". Sitting at the bar, they will make special things for you.

        2. Thanks for starting this thread. I was about to ask for similar input, since we are also staying at the Naples Ritz this weekend (golf not beach resort) -- probably bump into you, since I imagine it's already low season.

          Not to hijack your thread, but we are bringing our well-behaved 19 month old (barely walking), so I am interested to see what other responses you get where a high-chair would be possible. The Bay House looks lovely, and I think we will just go as close to 5 as possible, since it doesn't seem they serve lunch anymore. Thank you, LilMs.

          Anyone have an opinion on the restaurants at either Ritz? We might just stay in all weekend, if they are serviceable . . .

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          1. re: Noice

            Lemonia is the signature restaurant at the Golf Ritz. Alas, I have not dined there other than for brunch but that was very very good.

            We go to the Shark Shoot out each December which takes place at Tiburon, the Ritz course. We always have lunch in the outdoor area by the pool and it has always been excellent even under the trying circumstances of a major golf event.

            Have fun on your Ritz weekend. By all means take the jitney to the Ritz beach. Their little restaurant looking over the beach is open, even though the Beach hotel is undergoing a massive renovation.

          2. I have the distinct pleasure of living in Naples. Looking at all the comments I offer the following. The Ritz on the beach is currently closed for renovations until late October. The only restaurant open there is Gumbo Limbo on the beach but I understand you must enter by walking south from the beach entrance on Vanderbilt beach Road.

            Tulia is closed until Monday, 19 August as staff is on vacation. Campiello was a great place until Vincenzo (the owner of Tulia) left. Had lunch at Campiello 3 weeks ago and it was fair at best.

            In north Naples best choices are the Capital Grill, Cote D'Azur, AZN at the Mercato & the Bay House. Moving south USS Nemo is very good. In the Old Naples area our perennial favorites are Blue Provence, Chops City Grill & Pazzo in that order. If Tulia was open I would rank it as #1 in Naples.

            Have a great trip

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            1. re: SBHjunkie

              Hi SBH Junkie, We agree on pretty much everything. I couldn't think of Jumbo Limbo's name. I love Bleu Provence but many do not long for old style French, especially younger people. Do you have an opinion on Barbatella? I love the La dolce Vita vibe. Better to me than their other venue on Third Street South. LMF

              1. re: LilMsFoodie

                Appreciate your comments about Bleu Provence but the kitchen does has versatility to prepare lighter fare upon request. I usually have Moules-Fittes (off the menu) or grilled fish. Their wine list is excellent and Jacques or his son know it very well.

                As far as Barbatella goes my feeling is that it suffers from the same gross inconsistencies as it's sister restaurant Sea Salt suffers from. Chef Fabrizio (the owner) is an excellent chef but if he is not in the kitchen the food really suffers. Sadly, the service at each restaurant is very slow. Given the price point not worth the $$$ in my opinion.

                1. re: SBHjunkie

                  I love Bleu's extensive champagne choices and agree that not all classic French is heavy but there will be no precious touches, foam, odd combo coulis etc. Why I like it.

                  My first two times at Barbatella were great, third not so much. Sea Salt has always been a disappointment to me and their attitude, based on early pump from Esquire magazine, has kept me away.