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Aug 13, 2013 09:26 AM

Trading of garden produce in GTA area?

Hey, does anyone have experience with a website or a place where you can go and trade produce of different sorts grown from your garden? My parents garden is quiet large and this year I planted a bunch of heirloom variety tomatoes/etc and besides giving them away and drying some out and sauce/jam/etc making would be great to have more people try them through trades or whatever. Do food banks usually accept fresh produce as well that is home grown?

Anyway, looking for resources in GTA (in particular west end) and especially looking for experiences of others how they handle extra produce :)

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  1. Great idea, but I've only heard of it being done informally amongst neighbors. Probably find there is a law against it...

    BTW it was "Sneak some Zucchini onto a Neighbor's Porch Day" last Thursday !!

    1. We have done it in the past - also, food banks typically only take non-perishable food products.

      Sadly our tomato crop (and even those of friends and family) has been poor this year.

      You can always freeze them, or bring them my way and I will turn it into sauce and split the bounty :)

      1. A local church has a community garden and they donate to the local food bank. Eastview community centre on Blake (south of Danforth and Jones). It's prearranged but maybe if you call a local food bank they will take it? Wish I had something to trade!