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Aug 13, 2013 08:36 AM

Wineries in Tuscany/Siena


I'll be in Tusdany for a few days on my honeymoon, and I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on places to do some wine tastings. I'm familiar with wine tasting in the states, but I understand it is a little different in Italy. (i.e. you just don't show up and expect wine poured to you). Should we seek out individual wineries and call ahead for appointments, or just we just go to a big city and seek out a place that might consolidate different wineries? We'll be staying ~ 10 miles E of Siena, but we'll have a car and aren't averse to a car trip.

Oh, and I guess I woudn't refuse any advice on restaurants in the area either...

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  1. best wishes on your upcoming marriage! to supplement direct responses you may get, there have been a number of recent posts on related topics - here is one.

    you can find others by using the search bar in the upper right. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    1. Here is another previous thread on wine tasting in Tuscany.

      If you use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner and search for the various towns & cities you are thinking of visiting, you will find many helpful threads with hundreds of suggestions.

      Note that there is a large regional enoteca for wine tasting in Siena.

      1. The abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, in the crete landscape east of Siena is remarkable (art and scenery). Though we havent been there for many years, we remember the restaurant at the gate as very pleasant, a nice place to wile away a couple hours in midday, when the monastery is closed.

        1. We did Castelo di Fonterutoli located about 20 minutes north of Sienna. Great time, had lunch at the outdoor covered restaurant, toook the wine tour to vist the 150+year old wine cellars, and finally did the wine tasting. A very enjoyable and enlightnening afternoon in Tuscan wine country. The Mazzei family have done a great job catering to visitors and made our visit fun.

          Via Ottone III di Sassonia n°5, Loc. Fonterutoli
          I-53011 Castellina in Chianti (SI)


          1. Fattoria Felsina in Castelnuovo Berardenga should be quite close to you. You can just arrive and taste, but if you call ahead you can arrange a winery tour, and this is worthwhile.
            La Cantina in Greve in Chianti has 80 / 100 wines on tasting at prices from under a euro or so each. You buy credit on a smart card and wander around choosing what you want to taste.
            Check out the restaurant at Castell'in Villa which should be quite near where you are staying, as is La Cantina del 30 (michelin starred but still quite rustic). Malborghetto is worth the shortish drive, as is the restaurant at Castello di Brolio in Gaiole (where you can also taste the wines).

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              Edit: that should read: La Bottega del 30