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Aug 13, 2013 08:22 AM

Mendoza region - Trout & Wine tours

Does anyone have any experience with this tour company?

They come well recommended by some guide books and tripadvisor (for what that's worth). We were thinking of using them for a one day wine tour. They limit tours to 8 persons, and the wineries they list I have seen recommended on these board, so it looks good. I was also looking in individual guides, but as we are not professional, I'm happy to trust their judgement if they are solid.

I'm extra curious because we were also thinking of using them for another day trip, to the Aconcagua this time (only wines would be at lunch, but since they choose the lunch place, I hoep they can be trusted :) ).

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  1. Highly recommended. I'm not one for group tours, but my first visit to Mendoza was only for a few days, and after looking at maps to the vineyards. I decided against going independently by car. Friends who live there recommended Trout and Wine.

    We were 9 people in a minibus, plus driver and guide - a young American wine and ski enthusiast who does wine tours when the snow isn't worthwhile. Very knowledgeable, articulate, helpful.

    We visited 4 vineyards, all very different in terrain, style, and approach to winemaking. 3 of the 4 were by reservation only. Excellent lunch at Ruca Malen, the most mainstream of the vineyards we visited, but a solid operation with a beautiful dining room.

    I chatted with our guide about vineyards I would have chosen to visit. Each had an issue - like they don't do tours or have tastings, they're 3 hours' drive from anything else, or they have a very commercial visit overrun by tourists.

    Unless you have a few days to spend in a rented car (or car service), you reserve and confirm all visits in advance, and you have an up-to-date GPS, you will have trouble experiencing as much as you would on a 1-day Trout and Wine tour.