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Aug 13, 2013 07:46 AM

Making Bo Ssam-momofuku, quick questions...

Ive read all the threads about making this but of course after 112 replies on one of the threads I was more confused...

since I am making it for 2...I bought 4.5 lbs bone in butt (and yes we will still have leftovers for days)-should the cooking temp be different??

I have a fat cap on the meat-im leaving it on, should it be facing down or up? or flip it half way through? the momofuku book doesnt say.

I'm going to assume about 3 1/2 hours vs. the 6, if it was 8-10lbs?
i know this is supposed to be pretty foolproof..but ive never cooked such a big hunk of meat with such high hopes :)

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  1. I've never made the recipe - but just from a braising standpoint (which you must be doing if it is cooking for 3-6 hours).

    Same temperature - fat cap up.

    You should check the meat after 3 hours but cutting the time in half, just because you're using 1/2 the amount of meat, may not get you the same amount of tenderness, so you may need to go longer. Some of the cooking time will be devoted to slowly breaking down connective tissues etc, not just "cooking" the meat.

    Hopefully someone who has made the recipe can chime in. I've been meaning to cook more out of that cookbook, hope it turns out well!

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      I was shocked to find that the one and only time I cooked this (recently) it was quite dried out. Talking about it with a friend he said he goes by internal temp (190) rather than time. It was delish even though way too dry.

    2. THANK YOU!! Im planning on it putting it around 1 this afternoon. Ill plan for 4-4 1/2 hours...and hope for the best!
      I'll let you know how it turns out.

      I love the book-and david chang, but the recipes take a lot of work...or at least tracking down some of the ingredients-i've got the next few weeks off, so I thought i'd give this a try :)

      foolproof enough but still requires some effort :)

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      1. Same temp. It will take less time than the eight pounder in the recipe, but more than half the time. Four hours or more. Fat cap is always up for me.

        1. I did the version that was published in NY Times Magazine:

          I think that what's key is not so much the long period of roasting at 300F but the short period to finish at 500F.

          I'd allow plenty of time for the former period (at 300F) because if the meat is done early you can take it out and let it rest (a big piece of meat will hold temperature well).

          With regard to the finishing step, here's what the NY Times article says (see link above): 'What is necessary: close attention to the final disposition of the pork itself, when you return it to the oven to build its crust. “Once that last bit of sugar and salt is on there and the meat is back in a hot oven,” Chang says, “you want to watch it carefully. You’re not looking for a color so much as for the moment when the fat and the skin begins to fluff up a little. It’s not so much about the sugar caramelizing as it is about the fat starting to bubble.”'