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Aug 13, 2013 07:18 AM

Read pages of reviews- too many mixed for a definitive choice for dinner Friday in Toronto! Help me out?

Here are the destinations- I've read all the reviews and many are super mixed and over a year old. I'm hoping for some updated rec's to "absolutely go there" or ... "meh- stay away".
I can deal with loud music, alright service and dodgy atmospheres in general- as long as the food is mind blowing.

The Grove
Momofuku Shoto-
OR skip them all and go to __________

Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. Note: I've been to George a couple times and LOVE it,
    Splendido and enjoyed it, but not as much as george (that could be blamed on me ending up there on truffle tasting menu times and not being a fan of truffles.
    Chantecler for their tasting and a second time for their wraps. I'd say it is one of my favorite places to eat as far as the entire experience goes. So if you have suggestions for that kind of spot- amazing.
    I'd rather not go back to the places I've been...

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      I had a meal at the grove that, despite a couple weird service things and my distaste for the choose your own adventure tasting menu format, was easily one of the top 2 (vs. bar Isabel on a full scale expense budget, which if it is within your capabilities i would probably recommend over the grove) in Toronto this past year. Highly recommended that guy is doing some really great stuff

    2. isabel
      yours truly

      - khao san road

      1. I'll throw Bero into the mix. Loved it. Some of the menu items have changed since then, but here's my write up:

        1. Wow. awesome reccomendations. You certainly haven't made it easier on me.

          Thanks a lot though- I'm diggin into their menu's (and lack of) now!

          1. Momofuku Shoto was amazing, but it is food as theatre (plan on this being your entire evening and budget). I also like Yours Truly, did not enjoy Actinolite. Have not tried the others. One of my current favourites is Table 17.