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Aug 13, 2013 06:24 AM

Biscoff/Speculoos spread

Hi just wondering if anyone knows if you can get Speculoos spread or Biscoff spread anywhere in Montreal. Im in the west island but go to Jean Talon Market regularly. Anywhere around there that people know of that have it?
Heard really good things about it and must try it!


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  1. Yes it's available. Most fine food stores will carry it. I've never looked for it at the Market, but maybe Hamel would have it? Oscar on the Plaza usually have it too. If you go to Atwater Market sometimes, I'm sure you could find it at Les douceurs du marché.

    1. They have speculoos spread at Atlantique, corner of Cote des Neiges & Queen Mary.
      I think I also saw some at Vieille Europe

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      1. re: isa1

        thanks! is it as good as people say it is? will look for it

        1. re: skwongmontreal

          It's very sweet and you have to like gingerbread... I wouldn't make a sandwich with it but just eat it plain off the spoon.

        1. It's delicious and so addictive, but I ate too much in one sitting that I'm kind of turned off from it at the moment.
          I have seen it at the Provigo on Monkland

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          1. re: LoveGossipGirl

            Oh I did the same thing - loved the stuff but once devoured about half a jar in one sitting and henceforth avoided it.

            Actually though, this thread is kind of making me want it again... especially the CRUNCHY spread, are people seeing that one around too??

            1. re: jeantalonmarket

              Yes, the crunchy one was the one I bought on Monkland ave. Funny because that grocery store is so limited in everything else.. It was truly a random find.

          2. I buy Biscoff in the US as the prices for it here in QC are ridiculous. I have yet to locate the infamous crunchy one, though.

            (Also, count me in as someone who will sneak into the kitchen with nothing but a spoon in hand to eat it.)