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Aug 13, 2013 01:46 AM

Pierogi Truck - two thumbs up with a little wart

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in on my own beloved cuisine.

I've been wanting to try the pierogi truck for awhile now. I grew up on polish food and it's taken me awhile to get out to the pierogi truck 'cause we make polish food at home often. The pierogi were really good! The food is legit and I'd recommend checking this place out. I liked the potato and cheese pierogi the best. I couldn't believe they charged $9 for a single Gołąbki (stuff cabbage, but I admit it was a good size)! If I were super picky, I would say the Gołąbki was too salty and the bigos was too salty and had too much grease (i.e. bacon/meat/sausage drippings). The fat drippings cut through the sourness of the sauerkraut which is fine, however, it is a balance. Leave a bit of the sour note for us fans. That being said, this is all picky and just a matter of preference. I thought the food was definitely of high quality. The only real problem: Price. If I'm hungry I would want a Gołąbki, 6 pierogis and bigos on a combo plate for around $15 (not 9 + 8 + 13 =$30). I understand good food takes time and quality ingredients cost $$. but....just saying... because it is a matter of me going back all the time versus.... well, probably never to very infrequently.......

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  1. p.s. any other good similar eats? We've got pomegranate russian georgian, continental european deli, the village house Kalina. Anything else? Anything coming?

    What do others think about the pierogi truck? Good, bad, so so?

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      Pierogies are one of the things I miss from living in Pittsburgh so I was glad to see the Pierogi Truck open here-- unfortunately their schedule isn't very compatible with mine so I've only been able to visit a couple of times. I did enjoy the meat and the spinach pierogis and would return for them (haven't sampled any of the other dishes). I think they could do without the bacon topping, the fillings and sour cream sauce are pretty rich already.

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        Oh, you gotta have the bacon and onion topping!

        It's very cool there's as least some kind of source for Polish food in San Diego, even if it is egregiously priced. There used to be a Polish restaurant called The Cottage (I think) near Bankers Hill but it's been closed for many, many years.

    2. Thanks for the review! Will definitely give them a try. I've been wanting to get to the Pierogi truck but haven't yet. I also grew up eating pierogi (and golabki, etc) in a Polish family in a Polish neighborhood in Philly. I make my own pierogi from my mom's (and thus grandmom's) recipe but only once a year. Would be great to get pierogi in the "off season".

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        I hear ya. too labor intensive to make them all the time. I usually make a big batch and freeze them.

      2. p.s. pierogi also at stone brewery. Nothing special but they are there

        1. $9 for a single roll just...I can't even wrap my head around that! I mean, that's restaurant prices, served on a plate, on a table, with a scoop of potatoes on the side!

          1. Where is this truck to be found?

            After trying some Polish restaurants over the years, I concluded most are not the best recipes compared to the home cooked foods back in Michigan by the authentic Polish family cooks.
            My Mother taught my five nieces to make the real deal pierogi with various fillings. They have Pierogi making parties and make around two hundred or so at the time, so everyone gets to take enough home with them after dinner for the rest of the week! Or even freeze a few for when the cravings hit again.
            I used to get large all meat stuffed cabbage or green peppers at Pavilions ($1.99/#) in Rancho Mirage and cook them up myself, which proved to have tastier tomato sauce. Took care of those cravings with Brown Unpolished Rice as a side dish.
            I wonder if they can still be found in Pavilions' fresh meat counters?
            The commercial store bought pierogi are generally a disappointment flavor wise . There is a Serbian Catholic church in San Diego that has them for sale on occasional Fridays. But I am not fond of just potato cheese fillings. Prefer meat cabbage dry cottage fillings for a tastier fillings with some protein.
            A Polish women working Scripps Clinic Check in told me a secrete about making the sauce. She said to add a slice of crispy bacon. So I added apple smoked bacon and it made an improved flavor wonderful outstanding dish!

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            1. re: nutrition

              The most amazing Pierogis I have ever, ever had were made by my friend's mother in Manitoba, Canada.

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                @nutricion Different locals different days. Their website lists what days where. Now I'm itching for a restaurant with normal priced good food. I'm from Michigan too. Nothing like Babcia's cookn!

                @Tripeler. Manitoba, huh? Is there decent sized Polish population? My cuz parents in Warszawa are the best I've had. I always bug them about giving me the recipe..... Some day.