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Disguising organ meats

Hello chow,
Does anyone have any suggestions for a way I could trick my family into eating organ meats? I want to get revenge for a prank they pulled on me yesterday. Saw lamb's fry and hearts today at the butchers but any kind is good as long as they won't suspect until afterwards.
Was thinking about grinding up in a casserole or something. Thanks for the help if you reply : )

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        How many organ doners does the recipe require?

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          And your username is Tripeler...I love you.

        2. As a rule, I do not "play with food", just give 'em a commercially manufactured hot dog; they are packed with tasty variety meats.

          Why would one want to disguise a tasty stuffed Lamb heart or beef heart?

          1. I buy pork hearts which are similar size to lamb. I trim them, cutting the meaty parts into cubes. I marinate these cubes, and quickly fry them. The trimmings are cooked for a longer time, and used as treats for the dog.

            I've also seen a recipe for grilling (under a weight) a split and trimmed heart, and then pickling it.

            Heart requires either quick cooking or long cooking. In between makes it tough.

            Tongue is another organ that can be served like a muscle. It, like heart, is a muscle. Most other offal are 'glands' and have a very different texture.

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              Tongue tacos - my family was quite surprised, after the fact, to learn they'd been eating (and loving) tacos de lengua. Boiled, peeled, crockpotted with chiles, onion, garlic, etc. Then torn up and fried with taco seasoning.

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                Lengua and tripas burritos are my 1st choice but hard to find here in Vegas.

            2. If I were to prank my family, I would try to get something more "manly". See if they have lamb "fries" or any other testicular goodies. Whatever you use, I bet you can easily hide it in a ravioli filling.

              1. I find curry is a good way to mask organ flavors.

                1. The late-lamented Sam Fujisaka's enthusiasm for chicken gizzard stroganoff led me to make it. I agree with Sam; you'd never know it isn't beef. It's typical stroganoff prep but you need to cook them longer, over low heat, to get them tender. I would happily have put it into my standard repertoire, had I not then read that gizzards contain a huge amount of cholesterol.

                    1. Something like tacos or chili should work because then you can blend the organ meats up with the rest of the meat. I've heard this is how some people eat organ meats themselves since they don't really realize they are eating it, but it still gives them the vitamins and nutrients found in the organs.

                      I haven't tried it yet myself (not that adventurous yet) but if I were to start including organs that is probably how I would do it.

                        1. If you are the chief cook for the family, don't do it. I know the temptation is great, but don't do it. If not, go for it!

                          1. I would be horrified and furious if someone tricked me (or even tried to) into eating organ meat.

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                              Because beef tongue is mild it is easier to hide -- I've had tongue that I thought was ham thinly sliced. The trouble is, you have to boil and peel the tongue yourself. That grim task would take any revenge fun right out of the equation for me.

                              Sorta agree with Njchicaa, too, unless of course they pranked you with food too. Then perhaps the vengeful act needs to be on a level playing field : -).

                            2. I accidentally ate sweetbreads at Iron Chef Michael Symon's restaurant, thinking they were just some fried dough fritters. I almost threw up when I was watching an episode of Chopped and sweetbreads were the secret ingredient - that's when I found out.

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                                Sweetbreads really are so mild as to be untasteable, especially in certain preps. Brains are like that too.

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                                  Sweetbreads are my favorite organ meat...maybe the only one I really like. Probably because they remind me of oysters, both in texture and flavor.

                                  1. re: EricMM

                                    They are absolutely delicious but hard to find outside of a French restaurant.

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                                      That's interesting, EricMM. I really don't like oysters at all and yet I enjoy sweetbreads!

                                2. I just had chicken livers in tacos yesterday. Sautéed onion, garlic, Serrano peppers, threw in chopped livers, then some leftover chicken. Also added chipotle in adobo, cumin seed, cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

                                  The filling was great...spicy, earthy, well-seasoned. It went really well in my homemade corn tortillas.

                                  1. I'm sure you mean no harm, but tricking people into eating things they otherwise wouldn't smacks of a cheap game show. Or a fraternity hazing.

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                                      All is fair in love and war, especially with family. I won't cast stones at mokmokdog until I know what his/her family did to mokmokdog in the first place. For all we know they fed mokmokdog some bull testicles already and the organ meal is payback. Sounds harmless to me and really all depends on the family and personalities at play. Some people laugh it off and recognize a good prank, others get stamping mad.

                                      If I were pulling this off, I would make sure to video the ingredients going into the meal so that the prankees could see it afterward. The ideas by those above are solid. Chili, hotdish, hamburgers, meatloaf, and tacos are all good venues for organ meat. You might also give the dish a unique name, such as Mokmokdog Surprise...

                                    2. For liver: soak for a few hours in milk or buttermilk. This seems to leach some of the more bitter compounds out of the organ. I haven't tried it for other organ meats.

                                      There's a Peruvian dish called anticuchos, which is (usually) very thin slices of beef heart marinated in vinegar and spices and then grilled. You have to eat quite a lot of it before the bloody taste comes through :) (BTW, heart's almost pure muscle, with little fat)

                                      The cookbook Unmentionable Cuisine suggests serving organ meats like liver and tongue as pates to new eaters so as to get around any visual clues.

                                      Why do you want to trick them? Organ meats can be tasty and nutritious by themselves!

                                      1. bread and fry sliced tongue? Sweetbreads stew with peas and mushrooms over rice?

                                        1. As a totally irrelevant aside, I have to admit that everytime I see the title of this thread in a line up, I do NOT read "Disguising organ meats." Instead my perverted mind reads, "Disgusting organ meats." Had "How To" been included in the title, maybe I'd have behaved myself better and not posted this remark... '-)