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Aug 12, 2013 10:34 PM

Sunday dinner in Vienna?

Husband and I will be in Vienna Sun 9/15 - Tues 9/17 and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fit in all the places that sound good!

Also not sure what would be a good option for dinner Sunday night as I noticed a lot of popular restaurants don't seem to be open. We'll be staying in Neubau and probably wont want to venture too far after a day of travelling.

We are adventurous eaters and like lo and high end places--only stipulation is that the food is good! And prefer places that focus on local cuisine that we might not easily get in Chicago (so would prefer to avoid "international").

Currently I have a late dinner reservation at Steirereck on Monday night. I'm thinking of catching the Monday evening concert at St Ruprecht so wanted to eat somewhere not too far and Steirereck seemed to be a good option.

I'm also considering lunch at Vestibule either Monday or Tuesday (or maracay be replace for Steirereck?). But Rudi's Beisl also sounds tempting and I'm sure we'll visit and graze at the Naschmarket one of the days. I'm kind of a pro at fitting in "mid-meals" if there are places that we just don't want to pass up.

Given our short time in Vienna I was thinking of spending one of the days visitng Hofburg and wandering around city centre and the other day at Schonnbrun if that helps with location planning. Currently planning to leave for Prague around 4:30 pm Tuesday.

Welcome any suggestions!

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  1. For dinner on Sunday I would recommend one of the Viennese beisl on Neubau: either Altwiener Gastwirttschaft Schilling on Burggasse
    Phönixhof on Neustiftgasse
    Glacisbeisl on Breitegasse

    All these three are not high-end restaurants, but rather typical Viennese places with local cuisine.

    I see a problem when going to Steirereck from Ruprechtskirche: this is quite a distance. The only way to do is by catching a taxi on Morzinplatz. But Steirereck is worth any detour...

    Vestibül is another high-end place in a spectacular location and maybe the better choice than Rudis Beisl, which is quite similar to one of the three beisl recommended for Sunday dinner !

    If you have just two days for Vienna please forget the Naschmarkt. It will be quite disappointing on a Monday or Tuesday. Just a lot of tourists wandering around tourist traps. Naschmarkt only is fun on Friday and Saturday, when there is also the farmers market. And of course the flea market on Saturday mornings...

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    1. re: Sturmi

      I'm very familiar with Phönixhof and Glacisbeisl and agree both are great options on Sunday for local cuisine in your area.

      The differences between the two are: Phönixhof is a true "local joint", nothing fancy but great food; Glacisbeisl, also has great food but is more upscale from both a menu and service perspective. In addition if the weather is good Glacisbeisl has an outstanding Summer Garden to dine in, where as Phönixhof has only a few tables on the street which is quite unatmospheric.

      The choice is yours :-) both have great food but different atmospheres. Enjoy.

      1. re: vanderb

        Thanks for the recommendations! I was counting on hearing from Sturmi after going through many of the Vienna threads :)

        All 3 of these places sound good. I noticed you had previously also recommended Gasthaus Pöschl, which appears to be open on Sundays. I do like the idea of trying a true "local joint" as a different experience. Between those 4 do you have a ranking? (Edit: Just realized Gasthaus Pöschl is not in Neubau, which is I'm guessing is probably why it wasn't included on this list).

        Also, I'm now wondering if we might be better served having breakfast at Meierei and going to Vestibule for dinner rather than Steirereck? Then again I've heard so much about the bread and cheese carts I feel like I have to experience them :) So many choices...

        Sturmi - That's disappointing to hear about the Naschmarkt. I noticed in another thread you had recommended a few other markets. However, it sounded like those were focused more on produce during the week. If not the Naschmarket, is there another place where we might be able to find some interesting food souvenirs to bring home?

        1. re: jcc813

          Steirereck is an experience worth having. It has a special location, a very peculiar interior decoration and a theatrical food presentation. Maybe not everyones flavor, but an experience you will remember for its originality.

          Regarding your other food options: I would suggest you make a priority list using the other sights, especially the many museums, and Schönbrunn palace, and then pick the restaurants closest to your itinerary. The museums are really among the worlds best, and their buildings alone are worth a visit, especially the Belvedere, the Albertina and the Kunsthistorische Museum...

          For food souvenirs Naschmarkt might be the worst source. The only thing worth buying there is cheese and vegetables, and Austrian cheese is inferior to its Swiss, Italian and French competitors. The main staple at Naschmarkt are now some imported dried fruits and nuts, common spices, tasteless antipasti and cheap chicken döner. McDonalds Bic Mac is high-end food compared to what you get there !!

          Great souvenirs are chocolats, either from Demel or from Altmann&Kühne,

          and maybe some special Austrian traditional garments, a dirndl for the girls and maybe a Jägerleinen jacket for the boys, either from Tostmann on Schottengasse, Lodenplankl on Michaelerplatz or from Lanz on Kärntnerstrasse or from Kettner on Plankengasse.

          Great souvenir is also a Sachertorte, but you can pick this up on the airport as well...

          1. re: Sturmi

            Thanks, Sturmi! In that case, we may save some precious time and skip Naschmarkt for other sites.

            I was doing some more research on Brunnenmarkt and Karmelitermarkt, and they do sound interesting, but do you think it would be too quiet on a weekday?

            I was thinking of at least stopping by Staud's to check out their preserves. Definitely will check out the chocolate shop.

            1. re: jcc813

              Staud is a great source for preserves. And Brunnenmarkt is even on Mondays and Tuesdays a quite pittoresk street market experience. But do not plan to stay more than 15 minutes...

              Karmelitermarkt OTOH is quite boring on Mondays and Tuesdays, their farmers market on Saturday being the main attraction.