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Aug 12, 2013 08:04 PM

Le Cirque, Picasso, or Guy Savoy

Let me throw in L'Atalier as well for our fine dining experience when we return to LV this fall. We have been to all of these at least once except for Guy Savoy.
My favorite experience was last year at Le Cirque. Fabulous, which is a reason to return. We visit once a year. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Le Cirque, and always visit during my trips to LV, but I had a wonderful dinner (Innovation/Inspiration) at Guy Savoy this past March, and plan to return to Guy Savoy too. Unfortunately, dinner at Guy Savoy is more than twice the price (and twice the number of courses) as at Le Cirque. Based on this recent dinner, I would rank Guy Savoy ahead of Joel Robuchon. I had dinner once at Picasso (eleven years ago), and wasn't impressed.

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      By the way ellen, chef Pugin is now chef at Palme d'Or at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami.

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        Thanks for the info. I met the new chef at Le Cirque (Paul Lee) when I was in LV in March. He had worked with Chef Pugin when they both worked at Veritas in NYC. I found Chef Lee's cuisine to be excellent. I wish Chef Pugin much success with his new restaurant.

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        Have not had the pleasure of dining at Guy Savoy in LV, wondering if Franck's departure has changed it ?...the Rue Troyon location is one of my all time favorites, many happy memories made there.

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          I had a significantly better dining experience this past March compared with my first dinner at Guy Savoy two years prior. Service was extraordinary both times, but the food was spectacular on the Innovation menu this year. I had dined at Guy Savoy in Paris about 18 years ago, and while the meal was excellent, a very bizarre incident at the end of the dinner almost ruined it.

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            I have heard that it is not as refined an experience anymore, but that he food has improved under the new chef - particularly with the innovation menu. Moving there in November, so I guess I'll have to investigate.


        2. I'd place Savoy and Le Cirque on equal footing from a cost/benefit standpoint - Savoy costs more, but is better. L'Atelier is excellent and well crafted, but for the price I think one is better off spending a bit more coin and going to Joel Robuchon for the prix fixe.

          Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is the most exciting restaurant in Las Vegas for the dollar, but not every diner will see eye-to-eye with Gagnaire's style. For those who do, the cuisine and room are beyond compare, though.