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Aug 12, 2013 07:07 PM

Springdale, UTAH - Zion National Park

I just wanted to write a review on the restaurants I visited during my stay at Springdale since I didn't really find any recent ones on chow.

-- Zion Lodge Dining Room for Lunch:
I had the salad bar, very fresh with a good variety, refreshing after a long morning in the park.

-- Thai Sapa - Dinner
Fried rice, and chicken skewers, the fried rice was done very well ; it tasted great. So did the chicken skewer appetizer.

-- Wildcat Willies Ranch Grill & Saloon for Dinner
Visited Wildcats the last day, had clams linguine; they did a great job. Yum
My friend had the fried chicken and that was good too. Too bad we visited Wildcats the last day there, would have come back for dinner again.

--The Spotted Dog For Dinner - pricey and not that great for what we got.
Great beets and blue cheese salad. This was the best part of the meal.
I had the almond crusted trout.... was just ok.
My friend had the lambshank. Was just okay too.

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