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Aug 12, 2013 05:04 PM

Restaurant 17 north of Greenville SC

Does anybody even dare to get excited about this? In my limited experience pairing an upscale restaurant with a B&B or boutique hotel further reduces chances for success.I really hope this turns out well,just far enough away from Greenville to have the "destination" feel.

Does anyone know the chef's background?

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  1. The article says the chef was at Blackberry farm, but it was not his most recent position, so who knows what that means. He mentions that his style is "light" and "refined" which would be spectacular for me. I'm sick of the trendiness of seeing how much fat you can pile on a plate and dare people to complain with the old "fat is flavor" line.

    Anyway, I know what you mean, I don't have really high expectations, but I sure do have high hopes! I'm a huge fan of George's, plus this restaurant is closer to my house than anything in Greenville, so I would LOVE for it to succeed.

    1. Lots of talk about this on a different string ~

      I've been (was one of the 6 in this review) and loved it. Will be going back soon.

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        "Mollybelle" (the poster who started this thread) is also the poster who started the thread you linked to...

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          Absolutely true. I thought it might be easier for those who don't know that Danna lives near Restaurant 17 to find out about this place thru this thread.