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Aug 12, 2013 04:40 PM

Anyone Tried or Planning to try Scratch Bar?

Sure looks and reads like it should be interesting, although that stretch of La Cienega can be a tough (restaurant) row to hoe...

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  1. Got some guests in town from Italy - looks like a fun, new option place to try with them, will give it a whirl this weekend...thanks servorg!

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      Ciao Bob, let us know how Scratch Bar is if you go. And maybe you can utilize the promo that's in TravelZoo for 7 course tasting plus a class of wine/beer for $59. Here's an excerpt and a link:

      For $59 (reg. $116), two can dine on a seven-course tasting menu with two drinks. Formerly of notable venues like the James Beard-nominated Providence, Stefan's at LA Farm and Hatfield's, Chef Phillip Frankland Lee selects four "bites," a starter, a main and a dessert for this rotating menu. The experimental fare might include dishes such as puffed smelt and bone marrow, smoking goat's milk cheese and a 900-degree hen's egg (see regular dinner menu here). Each diner also receives a cocktail, glass of wine or beer (up to $13 each).

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        Many thanks...will certainly report back

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        Scratch Bar
        111 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
        (310) 289-8010

        Just S of Matsuhisa

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          Click on the website link I supplied and then click on "ABOUT"

        2. Looks very interesting. What was there before?

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            Darioush Restaurant (Persian food)

          2. It was certainly interesting. Creative. Eclectic. Unfocused. Visually stunning.
            Some will surely say too weird.
            Some will say too ambitious.
            I am glad to have tried it and think it has as good a chance of markedly improving with time (like Red Medicine) as it does of closing in less than a year.
            A few real winners:
            "Cocktails" - they do very, very interesting cocktails with sakes and other low ETOH content "spirts" paired with juices, spices and special sodas.
            Lemon & Parm Kale Chips
            Puffed Smelt & Bone Marrow Mascarpone
            Potted King Crab
            Octopus Pasta

            A few that left most of my group SCRATCHING our heads
            Smoking Goat’s Milk Cheese
            Squid Mushrooms

            Great room and staff and owner - who, kind of randomly, toasted marshmallows out front for us as we left.
            I think it is worth a try and is one of the more interesting places to cone along in quite a while. It is far from perfect and I am not running back tonight but I will be watching for other reports as it flies or crashes.

            Thanks again Servorg.

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              Boots on the ground tell the story like no others...Thank, CB. Squid Mushrooms? As Scooby would say "Ruh-Roh!"

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                Is there any MG going on here, or is it just...different?