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Aug 12, 2013 03:57 PM

Nob Hill Vicinity Dining [San Francisco]

Driving myself nuts trying to figure out something in the area. Looking to keep the tab under $300, want something nice, well prepared and interesting. Besides Italian, No limits on cuisines. Side note, I do cook professionally and hence my interesting search.

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  1. Is that $300 for a two top? With or without drinks?

    I live on the edge of the neighborhood and by far the most interesting restaurant in Nob Hill would be Sons & Daughters ($98/7 courses plus tax and mandatory 15% tip). Self-taught, modernist, 1 michelin star cuisine.

    I really like Keiko à Nob Hill too ($95/7 courses). Classically trained French cuisine by a Japanese chef (I think the first Japanese woman to win a michelin star).

    1. Live in the neighborhood as well and second Keiko and Sons & Daughters as probably fitting the "most interesting" criteria. There's also Parallel 37 at the Ritz or a new steakhouse called Osso. More casual would be Cocotte or Mason Pacific. In close by Russian Hill fancier tasting menu at La Folie (it would probably be tough to do under $300 with wine for 2 here) or a good neighborhood vibe at Frascati.

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        I think La Folie would be a good choice also.

      2. Acquerello

        (oops! My bad.. Didn't comprehend the 'Besides Italian' until after clicking 'Reply'... ^^;)

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          Acquerello does a very French-influenced style of Italian food, but I think it would be over $300 for two, plus it's all the way down the hill in Polk Gulch.

        2. I think you can probably get away with a good meal at Keiko for that price if you're careful with the wine list.