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Aug 12, 2013 02:12 PM

between chicago and stevensville, MI

looking for a great place to stop and have late breakfast or lunch on a sunday. i love seafood, but really any local specialties will be much appreciated! thanks -

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  1. Blue Plate Cafe, Union Pier.

    1. Stop 50 Pizza in Michigan City area for lunch--it is a seriously good, wood-fired Naples-style pizza operation:

      I'm a genuine pizza aficionado, and this place, IMO, rocks. Compared to my most recent scouting, Stop 50's on a par with the likes of Brooklyn's Juliana's--formerly Grimaldi's, as now there's a new, bought-up-the-name Grimaldi's, long story....

      Just try the pizza. Fuggedaboutit!

      1. Oh, also, if you take the old highway surface routes instead of the Skyway, in WAY southside Chicago, almost in Indiana, is Calumet Fisheries.

        In case you don't know: it's an old-school smokehouse and incidentally famous for being at the foot of the bridge in the Blues Brothers movie scene when Belushi and Akroyd's characters jump the opening drawbridge. You'll feel like you're in an industrial waste land, which you are, but the chow is GREAT. Smoked fish, smoked shrimp, various fried foods. There's a tiny bit of indoor bar-type seating, but basically people order to go, or they eat in their cars or in the adjacent open lot. It's an experience. I recommend every smoked thing here, but maybe the trout and the shrimp for starters.