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Aug 12, 2013 01:28 PM

Anyone been to the Crab Boil at Back 40?

Going on Tuesday and want to know what to expect. Any of the sides outstanding ,it there enough crab to leave satified? Any other comments

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  1. not sure if it is too late to reply... but I had a great time, went there with a friend, nice cocktails, all you can eat crab, messy but nice.

    The total time is supposed to be 2 hours, but they shrink the time down and I did not like that, but all in all great fun and good value.

    1. Went last year. Don't remember the sides being especially memorable or delicious but there was more than enough crab for everyone at our table. Great value.

      1. The sides are not good. Potatos and corn. Tons of crab, plenty of time, good desert, good beer. Lots of work for not much meat. Next time I am going for steaks.