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Aug 12, 2013 12:33 PM

Where to buy Thanksgiving pies/side dishes

The other Thanksgiving-related post has inspired me to jump in, in August, with a Thanksgiving question! My family is renting a house in NOLA where we will host a group of family and friends for Thanksgiving. I will do the cooking but may want to augment my efforts with some purchased sides and pies. Our group may include 20+ people and that's more work than I want to do solo. So I'm hoping that there are some great places where I can get things like sweet potato casserole, pies and breads. We plan to have a Cajun/Creole menu along with some family favorites. So where I should I look for great sides?

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  1. Langenstein's supermarkets:
    Menu is online, full array of dressings/stuffings, sides, and pies.

    1. We usually get sides from Chez Nous.

      1. Thanks. This is exactly the kind of info I'm looking for. I've googled both places and they both look good. My research also indicates that Cochon has done Thanksgiving take-out dishes as well. That would be interesting.

        I've also found a bakery called Shake Sugary that seems to have some great pies and rolls. Can anyone recommend them?

        Other suggestions welcome!

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          I follow nolapieguy on twitter and he seems to have a solid following. Anyone tried?

        2. Now that the big day is almost hear I thought I'd revive this thread. I'm still looking for a place to get some great pies, some great rolls (preferably something interesting, like sweet potato biscuits, cranberry rolls, etc.) and some good sides. Also duck gumbo. And where's a good place to buy a turkey? Can you buy fresh (not frozen) turkeys anywhere in the city? Really looking forward to this...

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            I would guess Whole Foods on Magazine for fresh turkey or any of the Rouses, right locals?

            I am also wondering if local chowhounders have any feedback on


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              Can't help with turkey since I never buy the damn things (well, I will fry one sometimes) but as to pies I would check with the farmer's market gang. I cannot recommend anyone specifically because I rarely buy pies or cakes but I've gotten some pecan pies down there a few times..and I know the Baton Rouge market has a pie lady. Seems to me there had always been a Pie LAdy somewhere throughout my life.