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Aug 12, 2013 11:37 AM

Downtown Columbia, SC Recs

I'm heading down this weekend for a wedding and will be staying at the Marriott in SC with no access to a car. Browsing these boards, and embaressingly Yelp, it seems like Motor Supply Co is a good lunch choice. Anything else walkable?

And does Anson Mills have a retail store?


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  1. From the Marriott (I'm guessing on Hampton St?) for breakfast there is Drip right across the street. Good coffee and some tasty breakfast and lunch options. They have a duck confit sandwich from time to time that is good, and a nice tuna salad sandwich too that is anything but as ordinary as it sounds.

    For upscale, a walk down the street to the state house will take you to the Oak Table. If you want a drink, there's the Whig which is down the steps of the ABC news building. They have some sinister food on the menu and good beers on draft. Hunter Gatherer is on the opposite side of the state house. They brew their own beer and have some great dishes on the menu.

    Motor Supply is definitely worth a visit. If you want something a little different, Menkoi serves up traditional ramen bowls that are good. Both Motor and Menkoi are in the Vista, along with Cupcake, Nonnah's and Lady Antoinette for your dessert needs.

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      This is great, thanks a lot. Definitely want to check out The Whig.

    2. I have, in the past, bought directly from their location on Gervais St. You might want to call and see what's available..

      1. I would go to Mr. Friendly's in Five Points. Your hotel should have a shuttle.