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Aug 12, 2013 10:57 AM

Chris Kearse/David Ansill Collaboration

I'm excited because I just got tickets to Will's 1st anniversary dinner on August 25. Collaboration of two great chefs. You can email and someone will let you know when you can come down to Will and get tickets. In person and cash only. All proceeds go to the Foundation for Facial Reconstruction. $100 pp.

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  1. Did anyone else here go? It was a terrific meal on a lovely evening.

    1. Jan your pictures are gorgeous. Can you tell us more about the dinner? Or did you write it up already on your blog?

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        Thanks cwdonald. here it is: We had a terrific time last night at the first anniversary collaborative dinner with David Ansill at Will BYOB. Chefs Chris Kearse and David Ansill turned out five creative and delicious courses. After a savory ice cream amuse bouche, we were served the following at a comfortable ,leisurely pace: Escargot with roasted garlic, prosciutto and pernod --head cheese with purple mustard, garlic and capers--Fluke and Scallop Terrine with black truffle, artichoke and Chateau Chaplin sauce--Veal Breast with sweetbreads, saffron and candied fennel. Dessert was a pot de crime with coconut, milk chocolate and cardamom. A sage jelly was served in small glass pots to accompany the bread. As always at Will, everything was done beautifully. The windows were thrown open to enjoy the lovely weather last evening. A convivial crowd were seated family style for this feast which benefited the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction. A memorable evening!

        1. re: JanR

          Wow! That sounds really amazing. My mouth is watering.
          And your pictures are just wonderful.
          How do I access your blog?

          1. re: sylviag


            Thanks. I very recently gave up the blog. You can read the reviews,however, on FB at legoutfriand. Just like my page if you're on Facebook. Thanks again for the kind words.


          2. re: JanR

            Chateau-Chalon sauce (which is an appellation famous for its oxidized wines; the wine itself was Domaine Berthet-Bondet 1999)...Chris promised to send me the recipe.

            1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

              Oops. Thanks PhillyBest. That was a typo. I didn't know, however, what the sauce actually was (besides delicious).