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Aug 12, 2013 09:22 AM

New to Baltimore suburbs - Where are the essentials?

Hey all. We just moved to Lutherville, MD from Decatur, GA and I need to find my food essentials. Specifically, good pizza anywhere in Towson, Lutherville/Timonium or Cockeysville. Also, are there any Asian markets in the same area? Plus a good pub that's child friendly for an early meal after work on a Friday.

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  1. Good pizza? Adequate maybe, nothing even close to NY/NJ or Chicago.

    But I bet you'll find plenty better than what you're used to.

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      Actually, Decatur had two good pizzerias. One was a wood oven place that imported the oven from Naples and made pizza in that style (rustic, a light hand with ingredients). The other had the more common kind of ovens but their crust was good and the place had a great neighborhood vibe.

    2. There is the Towson Oriental Market in the shopping center on Loch Raven between Putty Hill and Joppa...and it is fine for basics...they also have fresh veg...if you need the huge experience you have to travel to HMart in Catonsville. I also like the pizza at Pepe's on Falls Road at Lake Avenue...great flavor and cheeses Welcome!

      1. Hubby and I moved out of Cockeysville in January ... I hate to say it, but we didn't eat in the area too often. When we did, we enjoyed:

        - India Palace on Cranbrook or Cafe Spice on York Road

        - The Still on York Road. Their bread and butter is great. I also had their Venison dinner a time or two and really enjoyed it. I'd say the food is mediocre, but it was close to where we lived.

        - Nautilus on York Road. Clearly not a gastro-delight, but they had all day breakfast and you can't go wrong with a couple of eggs, potatoes and toast.

        - Towson Hot Bagel - they have two locations now, one on York in Timonium (I think that's the name of that section of York) and the original in Towson. I'd give anything for one of their whole wheat everything bagels right about now ...

        - Atwater's - good soups, salads and sandwiches. Though pricey for what you. They also have excellent coffee.

        - Havana Road in downtown Towson, on W. Pennsylvania. Great Arroz con Pollo.

        - Egyptian Pizza - off York Road at Belvedere Square. Not your typical pizza - it's Middle Eastern and made on pita bread. They also have items on their menu.

        These are the primary spots in that area we frequented. I think the only time we had pizza while we lived there was at Two Boots down in the City, when they were still at Power Plant. Hopefully this isn't too off-subject for you. While we enjoyed living in the area, we were frustrated at the dominance of chain restaurants and had a challenging time branching out. Hence the trips to the City ...

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          Nautilus is utterly forgettable generic diner food. Ate there once and never again.

          Egyptian Pizza @ Belvedere Square is fine, but if @ Belvedere, there's also Neopol (all things smoked), a much larger Atwaters with excellent woups, sandwiches, bread, cheese, etc.; Ceriello (Italian), etc.

          Good pizza is farther afield and mostly, in my experience, in the City: Iggies, Joe Squared (opinions vary); Hersh's; Matthews; Isabella.

        2. Not in your requests, but travel up York Road to Andy Nelson's for good bbq, also just past Andy Nelson's is the Dutch Farmer's Market, you might find interesting(only open Thurs Fri, and Sat.). Also, it gets slammed here but the food is consistently good, (and you will be the youngest folks in the room) but The Peppermill just of the beltway is a good standby.

          1. My reply may not be specific to your query, but there are several restaurants that are worthwhile in your area--

            I can't recommend pizza places nor Asian markets since I haven't lived in the are for a few years..

            BUT---in Cockeysville, I would highly suggest trying out Patricks--there is the formal dining room, but an adjacent pub which would accommodate the child friendly and pub atmosphere.

            On York Road, there is the Corner Stable. Great ribs and barbequed chicken--love their baked beans and other sides. Kid friendly and casual.

            Haven't been in quite some time--but Razorbacks is kid friendly--casual and just OKAY. But a casual dinner is on the mark.

            Of course there are the chains--WHY DO PEOPLE HATE THE CHAINs? I've had some memorable meals at the various chain restaurants. They are reliable venues and provide dinners out without questioning whether or not the food/service is going to be a negative issue. I love independent restaurants, but actually enjoy may of the chains. No food snob here.

            In fact, I would love to here responses to Chowhounds who have/had good experiences with the Chains--FoiGras

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              I recently was taken to an early dinner at Macaroni Grill, on Beaver Dam Road(just off Padonia Rd) and I was pleasantly
              surprised. Service was very good as was the food.
              Great casual!!

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                Hue--I can agree with regards to Macaroni Grill. I love their Shrimp Portofino and my hubby's veal chop (of course, not the grade/quality that is offered at the Prime Rib) was very flavorful and tender. Their bread is fantastic--I could make a meal on that alone.

                I forgot to mention that Cafe Troia is a lovely restaurant--great food and service. FoiGras