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Aug 12, 2013 07:15 AM

Logan Airport Suggestion Needed

Next Saturday I have 4.5 hours to kill while I wait for my husband to arrive at 6 PM (I get in at 1:30 PM) then we leave together to go to Western MA. I will have a small bag with me so I don't mind walking a bit and buses. Is there anything close to the Revere Beach T stop where I could go and hang out for a while and have something tasty for lunch? I was also thinking of Pizzeria Regina in North End but I don't remember that being close to a T stop (I have spent a lot of time in Boston but from Western MA). I looked at the conversations on this board about Logan area. I am perfectly happy to sit and read a book but didn't know if there was something fairly accessible and delicious.

Any suggestions and I am happy to reciprocate if anyone needs a Houston airport area suggestion or Houston in general!

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  1. I'd scrap Regina's as there are fiesta's in the North-end every week-end and there may be a lot of people waiting to get in to Regina's. Santarpio's for pizza and sausages in Eastie may be a good alternative, also in Eastie, Rincon Limone for Peruvian, Jeveli's ror Italian. Unfortunately, Rino's does not open till 3pm on Saturday or I'd recommend them hands down.

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      There is a T stop close to the North End, it's called Haymarket. You could take the Blue Line to State Street, then take the Orange Line one stop over to Haymarket. Alternatively, you could walk to the North End from the State Street Stop, probably about a 15 minute walk.

      The North End might be worth checking out during a festival on the weekend, although it may be harder to get into Regina's as stated above. Galleria Umberto is a great solo lunch destintation, although you should always gauge the line situation when you get there.

      As per Revere Beach, the only thing I know of around there is the Orginal Kelly's Roast Beef. The chain gets mixed reviews on the board, but the Revere beach location is the best one.

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        re: Santarpio's. Lamb/Sausage combo and a garlic pie, well done.

      2. Angela's Cafe is within walking distance of the Airport T station, and has excellent Mexican food, although you may feel like you have more than enough good Mexican food in Houston.

        Another option would be to hop the Blue line one stop from Airport to Maverick station, and walk out to the shipyard for lunch at KO Pies, an Australian meat pie restaurant. On your way back to the Blue line, stop at Piers Park to enjoy your book and some fabulous views of the Boston waterfront. (Or you can get your lunch to go and bring it with you to the park!) If your small bag has wheels either of these should be quite manageable on foot.

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          For the combo of an easy trip with great food in a nice setting, my favorite suggestion is getting takeout meat pies from KO Pies and taking them to Piers Park.

        2. I've always liked Rincon Limeno in East Boston.... its a short walk from the Wood Island T-stop on the Blue Line. You could also take the Silver Line to South Station and head over to Chinatown.. lots of options there..

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            Rincon Limeno's also a 5 minute walk from Airport T stop.

          2. thmor da (cambodian) on shirley ave is right down the street from revere beach t-station

            1. there are also lots of mexican and central/south american restaurants near the airport t-station and maverick t-station

              rincon limeno (peruvian)
              taqueria jalisco (mexican)
              el jardin (colombian)
              la reina (salvadoran)
              el chalan (peruvian)
              que padre (bolivian)
              el penol (colombian)
              tu metapan (salvadoran)
              la terraza (colombian)