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Logan Airport Suggestion Needed

Next Saturday I have 4.5 hours to kill while I wait for my husband to arrive at 6 PM (I get in at 1:30 PM) then we leave together to go to Western MA. I will have a small bag with me so I don't mind walking a bit and buses. Is there anything close to the Revere Beach T stop where I could go and hang out for a while and have something tasty for lunch? I was also thinking of Pizzeria Regina in North End but I don't remember that being close to a T stop (I have spent a lot of time in Boston but from Western MA). I looked at the conversations on this board about Logan area. I am perfectly happy to sit and read a book but didn't know if there was something fairly accessible and delicious.

Any suggestions and I am happy to reciprocate if anyone needs a Houston airport area suggestion or Houston in general!

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  1. I'd scrap Regina's as there are fiesta's in the North-end every week-end and there may be a lot of people waiting to get in to Regina's. Santarpio's for pizza and sausages in Eastie may be a good alternative, also in Eastie, Rincon Limone for Peruvian, Jeveli's ror Italian. Unfortunately, Rino's does not open till 3pm on Saturday or I'd recommend them hands down.

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      There is a T stop close to the North End, it's called Haymarket. You could take the Blue Line to State Street, then take the Orange Line one stop over to Haymarket. Alternatively, you could walk to the North End from the State Street Stop, probably about a 15 minute walk.

      The North End might be worth checking out during a festival on the weekend, although it may be harder to get into Regina's as stated above. Galleria Umberto is a great solo lunch destintation, although you should always gauge the line situation when you get there.

      As per Revere Beach, the only thing I know of around there is the Orginal Kelly's Roast Beef. The chain gets mixed reviews on the board, but the Revere beach location is the best one.

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        re: Santarpio's. Lamb/Sausage combo and a garlic pie, well done.

      2. Angela's Cafe is within walking distance of the Airport T station, and has excellent Mexican food, although you may feel like you have more than enough good Mexican food in Houston.

        Another option would be to hop the Blue line one stop from Airport to Maverick station, and walk out to the shipyard for lunch at KO Pies, an Australian meat pie restaurant. On your way back to the Blue line, stop at Piers Park to enjoy your book and some fabulous views of the Boston waterfront. (Or you can get your lunch to go and bring it with you to the park!) If your small bag has wheels either of these should be quite manageable on foot.

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          For the combo of an easy trip with great food in a nice setting, my favorite suggestion is getting takeout meat pies from KO Pies and taking them to Piers Park.

        2. I've always liked Rincon Limeno in East Boston.... its a short walk from the Wood Island T-stop on the Blue Line. You could also take the Silver Line to South Station and head over to Chinatown.. lots of options there..

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            Rincon Limeno's also a 5 minute walk from Airport T stop.

          2. thmor da (cambodian) on shirley ave is right down the street from revere beach t-station

            1. there are also lots of mexican and central/south american restaurants near the airport t-station and maverick t-station

              rincon limeno (peruvian)
              taqueria jalisco (mexican)
              el jardin (colombian)
              la reina (salvadoran)
              el chalan (peruvian)
              que padre (bolivian)
              el penol (colombian)
              tu metapan (salvadoran)
              la terraza (colombian)

              1. Santarpio's is a great idea that's close with delicious, relatively unique pizza (keep the toppings dry and to a minimum is my recommendation - I like their plain cheese or with only sausage best). I would do this is food is the top priority, but I would go to the North End for a total experience. In well under an hour you can be walking around - and check our whether you can get into Neptune Oyster as soon as you get there - it is amazing for raw bar and cooked food as well. I would take the Blue Line to Aquarium and walk the few block vs. changing subways.

                You can get a great lobster roll and a nice setting to eat it in at Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop, but the public transit option may be complicated requiring a bus from the Airport T stop and then a lengthy walk - but it's very good.

                Kelly's walk up window on Revere Beach is a good option as well if the weather is nice and ambiance trumps food - pretty sure it's walkable or there would be a bus from the Wonderland T stop - it's a classic. Not the finest food, but very large portions at fair prices. Really good onion rings.

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                  Kelly's is a longish walk from Wonderland, about a mile. There are two buses from Wonderland that would drop you relatively close to Kelly's, the 411 and the 442, but they only run roughly hourly on Saturdays.

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                    And please remember the weekend Blue line shuttle busses - detailled above and below!

                2. Belle Isle is about a 15 minute walk from the Orient Heights Station on the Blue Line. Straight shot down Saratoga/145.

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                    BlueLine is (on the weekends) replaced by shuttles, Airport T-Stop to Wonderland!

                  2. with 4.5 hours you have a number of options. I might grab something to eat at the airport (depends on what terminal you come into (Legals has two restaurants at the airport and get a to go bag) and get on the water taxi to Hingham or Hull. or take the water taxi to Rowes Wharf. If its a nice day just riding around could be wonderful. I haven't done it myself Rowes Wharf would get you close to China Town.

                    Maybe someone else can jump on and tell you what might be near the Hingham/Hull or other stops....

                    1. An easy option is to take the Silver Line from the airport to World Trade Center stop. Take a left down the street and you're at the Seaport waterfront with lots of restaurants. If you haven't been to the area in a few years you won't recognize it. The Silver Line is free from the airport; on the return to airport you'll pay $2-3.

                      Upsides: gorgeous views, easy back-and-forth. Possible downside: these are mostly chain restaurants: Del Friscos, Jerry Remy's, Temazcal. But I like oysters and other apps at Legal's Harborside for instance, and can always find something I like at the other places.

                      Beware if you take the Blue Line, starting this Saturday there'll be shuttle buses between stops.

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                        Hi Niblet et al -

                        Blue Line is FINE from Airport T stop INTO TOWN; outbound, towards Wonderland, as noted elsewhere here, there are shuttles this weekend.

                      2. Take the silverline to the seaport district. Salvatores pizza is pretty good. Take a walk around the commonwealth pier and behind the ICA and courthouse. If you get a little tired you can relax in the lobby or second floor of the Seaport hotel.
                        Chowder at Yankee lobster is a must.

                        1. Silver line to south station to CHINATOWN!

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                            Normally I would agree with this, but Chinatown restaurants aren't as suited to solo dining as are venues in the Seaport.

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                              I eat solo in Chinatown all the time

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                                  Same here, in fact, some places seem uniquely set up for solo dining, i.e. they have small tables, service is quick for high turn over, that sort of thing. Xhin Xhin comes to mind, as I eat there solo all the time, love the spicey beef soup!

                          2. Agree with the Silver line option, walking around the water area,see what menu/venue piques your interest and start there. If you are not tired, pop into the ICA and check it out. You might also inquire if there are lockers at the aiport, I have seen them in the past, but they may have been eliminated.

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                              There haven't been lockers at Logan in many years, even decades. In a situation like this, if bags are checked just don't pick them up until you return to the airport—they'll be held at the airline's baggage office. If you've got carry-ons, you have to take them with you.

                            2. You could take the Rowes Wharf water taxi from Logan (near the Hyatt) to Rowes Wharf, near the Boston Harbor Hotel. The round-trip cost is $17, and they will store your luggage for free at Rowes Wharf.

                              That would give you more options for walking around. You could walk over to the North End for oysters at Neptune or pizza at Regina's or hang out for awhile at Quincy Market.

                              There are no luggage lockers at the airport, as noted.

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                                Or take the T to Haymarket, head to Regina's and then have cannoli from Modern or Mike's for dessert. Then you can hang out at The Thinking Cup on Hanover for a while and have excellent cappuccino or espresso drinks while you read or whatever. (The Thinking Cup has cannoli but the filling is too watery for my taste. The other pastries there are very good but not classic North End style.)

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                                  This was mentioned in the first reply to the original post: this weekend is the Fisherman's Feast, and the North End will be mobbed. http://www.fishermansfeast.com/

                              2. Thank you to everyone for a very thorough list of options - so appreciated! If it is nice weather I am going to take Silver Line to Seaport and maybe do a small crawl around there. If the weather is bad I will go to Santarpios for part of the time. I will check in bag at Hyatt bag check. I will of course report back.

                                There is a newish restaurant in Houston called Maine-ly Sandwiches opened by a guy from Maine and since it was so far out of town (up by IAH) I refused to go there before calling them and quizzing them on what their lobster roll was like (nothing crazy in the lobster salad, potential to run out, what kind of roll) and they thought I was insane but assured me it would be worth the drive, It was and now there is a mini-lobster roll craze at a couple of places in Houston. I even saw one at Café Express which is not just in TX I think. They called the hotdog roll "New England Roll."

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                                  A "New England" style hot dog roll is unique. It has a split top and the sides are crustless so they grill or toast up nicely. Lucky you! My Florida relatives would kill for a local source for decent New England style lobster rolls!

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                                    Just so you know, the seaport is not nice and cozy like the North End. It's big. And doesn't have that many great casual dining/cafe options. It's home to lots of large fine dining spots.

                                    Wear walking shoes.

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                                      I agree. Not the best idea. Several large office buildings, hotels and vacant lots ready for to be developed. Several large more upscale restaurants are there but not an area I would consider interesting for walking around. The North End with all of it's cafes, restaurants, shops, etc also gives you the option to take an easy 5 minute walk to Fanueil Hall which would be a much more interesting way to spend a few hours.

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                                      If you're going from airport to Seaport, consider the water taxi! It's pricier - $10 - but you get the experience.

                                      Once you're in Seaport, C. Hamster makes a good point, and my solo diner lunch suggestion would be to walk a bit to KO pies (an australian meat pie shop, you'll want a smartphone for navigation) or 606 Congress, which got a HAACP plan for sous vide. (In my opinion, SV tech is the magic bullet that hotel restaurants have needed for higher quality food available at strange hours, and 606 is The Way Of The Few-chah.

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                                        The silver line is free from the airport so they can do that to get to the seaport and pay for the upgrade of the water taxi on the way back to the airport just remember to look back at Boston.

                                        Here is a link to KO pies at the shipyard (east boston) http://kocateringandpies.com/east-bos...

                                    3. I don't really understand the comments about the north end festival (not fiesta) In my limited but plenty of experience over the years of living outside of Boston proper - things really heat up later in the day for sunset and evening strolls and dining and celebrating.

                                      I don't know why the attitude of "It's going to be crowded, the northend will be madness" comes across as a negative.

                                      It's celebratory, and a treat to experience. If you find a place to stash you luggage all the better, but if not, roll away and enjoy. If it's too much, head to Columbus Park.

                                      Do not get in festival lines for the NEnd bakeries. If you reconsider and want Regiinas, go to the head of the line and ask if there is a single seat at the bar.

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                                        Agreed Bellachefa. What better way to experience the NE and Boston in the summer but to hit up the festival! I say go!!! And get there via the water taxi. What a great afternoon. Could also hit up Faneuil Hall as plan B if a crowded NE is not to your liking.

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                                          sorry super cat, no need to change your mind, you've made your choice. A wonderful choice.

                                        2. I have changed my mind and will go to the Festa in the North End. How can I not go check that out?

                                          Anyone want to barter a trade with some Hatch chiles or tortillas made with Hatch chiles? It's the season and they are all over the stores here in Houston and since I have a direct flight on Saturday AM, I can bring a bag...it would require a little flexibility on where to meet but people freak over these peppers.

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                                            You're gonna fit right in here! There's a thread going right now about where to find Hatch chiles in Bos.

                                            I'd totally love some tortillas but I don't know what you'd like in return!

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                                              You'll have a fun time in the NE. Look for vendors in front of the restaurants and hit up Modern Bakery if you can handle the lines.

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                                                The lines at both Modern Bakery and Mikes Pastry(my preference) move pretty quickly and it's worth the wait.

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                                                Great decision! You will have such a better time in the North End than elsewhere. Look at taking the water taxi or MBTA commuter boat from Logan instead of the subway to make it extra fun!

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                                                  One of my favorites at the feast are the baby lamb kabobs, and I will be noshing on them Saturday. Also the Cherrystones from the dude with a white beard and a captains hat are great.

                                                2. Not really chowish at all, but the 99 is right next to Wonderland on the Blue Line, has a huge bar, relatively quiet, and I could easily kill 3 or 4 hours drinking Harpoon munching on boneless wings and either chatting up a bartender or reading.