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I'm in an arugula rut - new ideas?

I got a big bag of beautiful arugula from my CSA. My standard treatment is a simple salad with lemon vinaigrette. I'd like to try something different - any new hits out there?

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  1. sautee in a pan with garlic, yum!

    1. I love it in a simple pasta with lemon, garlic and olive oil.

      1. Slice a rare sirloin on it & dress with the juice.

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        1. Saute zucchini in olive oil until brown, do the same for a sliced onion, add lots of garlic and cook until golden, put all back in the pan with chopped arugula and toss briefly--toss with penne pasta and goat cheese. The bitter of the arugula and the sweetness of zucchini/onion comes together wonderfully with the creaminess of the goal cheese.

              1. This Chow recipe for seared sea scallops with lemony farro and arugula salad is pretty good and uses a fair bit of arugula (though I increase the quantity of arugula by 50%):


                1. I like to put it on top of pizza (margarita) with a drizzle of balsamic. Adding prosciutto sometimes....

                  1. A little nest of arugula or other sharp greens is a nice contrast in color, taste, and texture beneath hot, creamy-cheesy foods like potato gratin, or broiled or fried polenta squares.

                    1. Cook some penne in salty water. While that's cooking, mash a 4 or 5 ounce log of goat cheese with a clove of garlic and some olive oil to make it creamy. Cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half (use scissors, it's more fun) and wash your arugula.

                      When the penne is done, toss with some of the pasta water and the goat cheese mixture, then toss in the tomatoes and arugula. Serve outside with a glass or three of a crisp rose.

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                      1. re: Isolda

                        I love this, especially with some kalamata olives. It's a shame that no one else in my family will eat it!

                      2. Rocket (Arugula ) Pesto for grilled vegetables


                        125 g rocket (arugula )
                        1-2 garlic cloves
                        150 ml olive oil
                        50 g almonds
                        250 ml vegetable stock
                        250 ml orange juice
                        50 g mature pecorino
                        salt, ground white pepper
                        a few drops of lemon juice

                        Actually it's good on meat or chicken too !

                        1. I love to add arugala to sandwiches.
                          Most often as a salad, if its super spicy i mix with other greens, add sliced almonds, chopped dried figs, thin sliced fennel, white beans and basalmic vinegrette. Add a crusty roll for a great summer meal.

                          1. Not inventive, but I make a sandwich with argula and caramelized onions. Good stuff, esp. good when the bread is an English Muffin (slightly toasted).

                            1. Amada in Philly does this salad if arugula and cabrales cheese shaped into a fat cigar shape and then the greens are wrapped in prosciutto. Very different. I think it had a balsamic dressing.

                              1. Not all that new and still a salad, but this vinaigrette dressing is very good. Is served it in frico cups for my July 4th party and it was a huge hit.


                                1. Terrific rut-busting ideas, thanks!

                                  Put some of the arugula in BL(A)T sandwiches last night and plan to do the sautéed zucchini, garlic, pasta, goat cheese thing tonight. Steak sounds delicious but I'll save that idea for the weekend after DH has fixed the grill.

                                  1. Today's lunch: Diced cooked chicken tossed w/chopped grape tomatoes in a dressing of a little mayo & olivada (blk olive paste/pesto) stuffed in a pita w/arugula.

                                    tomorrow: arugula, watermelon, grape tomato & goat cheese salad w/lemon & olive oil. (Strawberries work pretty well to, but dress w/the best balsamic you have)

                                    Arugula pesto for a smoked salmon, cream cheese & sun dried tomato sandwich.

                                    1. Add chopped arugula to Cacio e pepe pasta and toss well before serving. The peppery taste of arugula goes really well with the black pepper and the Pecorino cheese in that great Roman pasta dish.

                                      1. I like it as a bed for any fatty meat, too, like sausage, seasoned ground meat, crepinettes, "burgers", etc. I find the sharpness is a nice contrast to the unctuousness. Yum!

                                        1. Been thinking it'd be yummy to work Arugula into a good chimichuri recipe...

                                          1. Last night I made a very tasty sauteed arugula with bacon, garlic and maitake mushrooms served as a bed for broiled swordfish.