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Aug 12, 2013 05:27 AM

Pork fat in meatloaf

I have some grassfed beef roasts that have been too tough to eat on their own, even with the very low and slow approach, so I started grinding some of the meat and turning it into meatloaf. The results are awful (dry, unpleasant texture), I think because it needs some fat. I have some pork fat I thought I'd grind in with the next batch. I just don't know what ratio I'd want to aim for. Any suggestions? If it helps, I usually cook 6 pounds of hamburger at a time. Thanks in advance . . .

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  1. when you say "roast", what cut is that?

    without knowing how you like it or the fat % of the beef, tough to say, but i'd say at least 10% to start.

    1. Depends on the fat ratio you are looking for. If the beef is really lean with no discernible fat, I would aim for 15-20% so if you are grinding 6 pounds, so about a pound +/- of fat would be good.

        1. Pork fat. Pork Butt, Bacon.~~ 20% fat minimum for this application.

          1. Meatloaf generally needs help because it tends to be dry not to mention using grassfed beef which is usually as lot leaner that commercial. I'd add at least 25 % pork fat to the meat. I usually add at 10-15% to commercial beef when I make a meatloaf.

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              Thanks, all! I'll give it a whirl. The cuts are mostly rib roasts without the bones and are very, very lean. I'll report back after this next endeavor.