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Aug 11, 2013 10:18 PM

Yummiest weekday breakfast? Staying near Union Square [San Francisco]

So many great weekend brunch options...but what's your best bet for delish Monday morning breakfast? Need to finish eating by 10.30. Staying on Union Square, but will travel for special French toast or exceptional eggs!

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  1. Try Dottie's True Blue Cafe on Sixth, or Brenda's French Soul Food on Polk near the corner of Eddy.

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    1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

      tried Brenda's for the first time a few days ago. very impressed with the beignets [had the ones stuffed with crayfish and cheese/chives]. my dear spouse had a breakfast item, pouched egg, crispy pork belly, grits, quite tasty and rich. efficient service.

      1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

        In fact, weekdays are ideal for eating at Dotties, the queue is really long at weekends. Great French toast and oatmeal.