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Aug 11, 2013 09:52 PM

Melbourne lunch under $10

I'm looking for suggestions of decent places to eat that are REALLY cheap. I'm in the CBD area. Can anyone help?? Thanks so much!

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  1. Depends how hungry you are. My top five would be bratwurst or borek at the Vic Market shop, Rose Garden on Elizabeth Street for HK-style comfort food, a lunch special at a mid tier regional Chinese like Sichuan house (should have reopened by now), the Indonesian on Swanston Street near the library, Noodle Kingdom on Russell for the giant soups, and Funky Curry on Bourke

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      Thanks! I will check those out. Do you know if any of the nicer food courts here do discounted food at the end of the day? I've seen that before elsewhere in Australia.

      1. re: uberkelly

        Food courts, and especially bain marie culture, aren't very big in central Melbourne, there are a couple like the Target arcade but they keep going into the evening anyway. Not like Sydney where they discount stuff for people travelling home.

        I've seen cheaper stuff at the sushi places around town as the afternoon goes on.

        Oh, one I missed - Shanghai Street Dumpling, large bowl of very good dumplings in soup for 9.50. Also Camy, rubbish dumplings but extremely cheap and filling.

    2. Satay Bar (Flinders Lane, close to William St) or Brim CC (organic japanese cafe on Little Bourke St) are my recommendations.