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Aug 11, 2013 09:38 PM

Eat. .Drink. .Love. .

New show that premiered on Bravo..

'Eat, Drink, Love chronicles the lives of five women who run in the same social circle, the Los Angeles culinary world'

Kat Odell..Eater LA editor
Waylynn Lucas..f┼Źnuts pastry chef
Nina Clemente..'One of LA's sought after private chefs'
Jessica Miller.. Senior Director of Sales & Events at LA restaurant group Cardiff Giant (The Hudson, The Churchill, Clover Juice)
Brenda Urban..PR firm Urban + Allen

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  1. Can't be any worse than any other Bravo show.

    1. guess "eat date love" is a no-go for the name of Demaris' show.

      1. I watched only about 10 minutes, but it reminded me too much of those Housewives Of show that I gave up. Did I miss anything?

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        1. re: pine time

          No, all the resumes are inflated as to their importance in the "Los Angeles Culinary World" I'd put it on par with The Hills as far as totally scripted "reality" TV.

          1. re: pine time

            You didn't miss anything. I actually watched the whole thing - hangs head in shame.

            I agree the resumes are inflated and it (at least from first episode) is a cross between trying to be "food professionals" and "real housewives" (okay not housewives since they are all single - but similar in the gossipy, trashy, sense).

            I don't think it is going to help any of their careers - well their professional careers - well the real housewives have turned it into careers - so what do I know.

            1. re: thimes

              Is the Eater LA woman the one who judged on Top Chef Masters last week? I didn't stay tuned long enough to EatDrinkLove to see her.

              1. re: pine time

                If she was, she didn't make an impression on me - so I didn't recognize her. (wasn't last week Kathy Lee and the Soap Opera Stars?)

          2. I love how they said Kat who works for Eater Los Angeles has The power to make or break a restaurant in LA. BS. Eater network is a PR pay for article model web site. They don't do reviews. They cover chef changes, menu updates, special events. Even if they did they would be pretty far down on the treat meter.

            1. I couldn't even watch this on the airplane. Even on a 5.5 hour transcontinental flight.