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Aug 11, 2013 09:25 PM

Stage and Amuse at Honolulu Design Center in 2013

ok, so I've only heard about this place last year, and read the 2 threads from 2007/2008 (one thread didn't have any replies). seemed like a ton of mixed reviews.

has anyone tried it recently? from what I've seen of their website and the reviews, it's pretty upscale.

i'm asking because today's (8/11/2013) dining out section in the star advertiser was reviewing Stage's meatloaf and reminded me of this strange child of restaurant/bar/café/theater/furniture store.

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  1. I've been to Stage many times, but not since the last change of executive chef. The food is good, but the meals have not been particularly memorable. I do remember the view from our table the last time, which was of stoplights of the intersection of Kapiolani and Piikoi. I kept wondering where the tourists crossing mauka were headed as it's pretty dark and dead that way.

    The younger crowd likes the wine bar on Wednesday evening because vertical tastings are easily put together. It's a way of quickly learning about wines.

    1. went last night and the food was horrible.

      duck was under cooked..raw basically and not crispy. Seafood rissoto was very meh.

      AVOID. Not worth the money.

      1. I had a ladies lunch at Stage recently, approached a little apprehensively because of Dreamcast's review. However, my Blackened Ahi salad, Stage's take on Salade Nicoise, was very good and the service was attentive. No complaints.