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Aug 11, 2013 07:56 PM

The Backyard Barbecue Pit / RTP's Succulent Pork

Y'all. I *know* barbecue is a contentious subject here, but we had the most amazing barbeque yesterday. Mom had watched a segment on North Carolina Public Television about The Backyard Barbecue Pit recently and 5 of us had an amazing Saturday lunch at this marvelous cinder block joint this weekend. There is a smokehouse out back and if you love the smell of smoked pork {& other meat}, this is your place! The cooks and servers are charming and gracious and the 'que and sides are off the charts amazing. I had smoked turkey barbecue; the BF had a 1/4 barbequed chicken, and everyone else had pork barbecue. The collards, slaw, mac & cheese, and yams were top-notch.

Oh, take markers to decorate the walls with your personal graffiti. And go. Go soon. It's just off I-40 down 55 a wee bit (not towards Durham, the other way).‎

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. We've enjoyed eating there a handful of times but it had sort of fallen out of my mind lately with all the other good places around to try. We will need to make a point to get back there soon for some delicious Southern food. Everything we've tried there from the barbecue to the fish has been delicious.

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      I typically enjoy the food there, but the weekday lunch staff has to be the surliest group of people who've ever worked in customer service. Plus, that place is grimy. I enjoy a good "hole in the wall" as much the next guy but that place always seems dirty and that makes eating inside the place is a bit gross.