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Aug 11, 2013 07:56 PM


Need recommendations in Aventura for lunch and dinner. Although, I love Bourbon Steak I think it will be too expensive for my friends who will be joining me.

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  1. Cross the Bay, and head for Timo, at 176 and Collins. Food is excellent, prices are reasonable, and they can easily accommodate small groups.

    If you want to stay on the mainland, Fish Fish, at 135th and Biscayne, is probably one of the best seafood restaurants I've been to. They're on the pricey side, but lower than Bourbon Steak..

    1. Bourbon Steak has a very good and affordable Miami Spice menu now through the end of September which might make it affordable for your group.

      1. I agree with the other 2 replies, and would only add that Timo also has a $39 "spice" menu even though they aren't an official participant.

        Of those 2 I would go with Bourbon Steak. If you need more affordable you might check out happy hour at Yard House in nearby Hallandale (at gulfstream race track). Lots of half price pizzas, sliders and apps.

        1. I just tried a new pizza restaurant by Aventura Mall in Turnberry. It's small and I think they're pretty new still, but the pizza was good and cheap. It's called Don Nicola.