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Aug 11, 2013 07:24 PM

Favorite Meals for 1 or 2?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to cook for less than 4 people. It’s like, that’s how I learned to cook and my mind will never understand that I don’t need to feed 4 people at every meal.

I need help tracking down recipes that are good and will feed me for only a couple of servings. I don’t tend to do well with the big batch of whatever and eat it all week strategy, because then McDonalds becomes really tempting :)

I have some freezer space but not a lot, and often get thrown by the fact that I can’t really buy half a pound of ground beef at the grocery store, or open half a can of something, etc. And no real restrictions, except that I'm not a huge meat eater in general.

Any advice?

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  1. I had this problem and was overeating as a result.

    So I subscribed to a Menu Mailer for Two and Saving Dinner dot com.

    Printed out recipes for a few months and put those I like in a binder. It seemed to get repetitious so I stopped the service and use my recipe binder,

    1. The butcher/meatcutter in any supermarket can package a smaller quantity of meat for you - a single chop, a chicken leg, etc. Obviously you can't make certain things for one or two, e.g. pot roast. I live alone but routinely make enough for 3-4 portions, or more. I'll have one of them a few days later, and freeze the rest in single portions. As long as you use these within a week or two, there should not be a freezer space issue. I make 3 qts of soup almost every week, and have soup once a day, sometimes a cup with a sandwich, other times a large serving accompanied by crackers or bread/roll. It lasts a week or more without freezing and is nice to have on hand since heating it is so quick - no temptation for fast food because you're too hungry to cook.

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        So, my supermarket appears to have a deli counter and a seafood counter, but no meat one. Is that a weird inner city supermarket thing?

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          I have no idea. I'm in suburban Boston, where the higher-priced chains have butcher service counters. The others have refrigerated workrooms in back of the meat section - you can see through the window and ring a bell. Someone will come out and take your request. These fellows aren't breaking down whole carcasses but they do divvy up primal cuts into roasts and steaks, etc., grind meat, and pack it for sale.

          1. re: greygarious

            Interesting, I'm in Jamaica plain and even our whole foods doesn't seem to have a meat counter.

            1. re: starburn

              ask the people behind the counter, either seafood or deli, if somebody can help you with meats. i know that was a smallish store when whole paycheck took it over, but there is plenty going on behind-the scenes.

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                Both that WF and the new one in Brookline is happy to custom wrap your meat for you. It's part of the meat dept. service.

              2. re: greygarious

                i wait for chuck to go on sale and the meat dept will grind it for free. talking to the butchers, this is what they do for themselves. while i try to get a lot of this superior product while the getting is good, getting a pound or 2 does not seem to be a problem. i would call ahead for later pick up.

          2. just one or two...i like minute steaks, which typically come packed as three or four to a package, which is perfect for two people. I buy smaller packages of chopped meat for smaller servings of meatballs or burgers - love doing burgers for only one or two 'cause then I can make interesting versions of burgers - I don't have to worry about pleasing everyone; just one!

            1. I don't think you have to have a lot of freezer space to buy a pound of ground beef (or anything else), divide it into meal sized portions, wrap tightly in plastic wrap (or Foodsaver) and into a zipping bag. I don't use a lot of canned things but don't have a problem with freezing leftovers.

              1. Hopefully you will be able to see this link. I made these lasagna Rollups this weekend, and they were good. It only makes 8 rollups and I imagine just like lasagna it would freeze well

                Do you have friends you can trade food with? Sometimes I will make a dish, a friend will make a dish and we trade half of it

                Another easy meal I like is English muffin pizza, you can just make as many as you are hungry for