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Aug 11, 2013 06:40 PM

Walkable restaurants near South St. Providence

My family is staying in the industrial jewelry manufacturing area of Providence on South St. Can you recommend both family-friendly in addtion to couples' restaurants we can walk to within about 1.5 mile radius. We'll be very close to the bridge on Point St. We like off-the-wall local places wherever we go but will also want to try the foodie temples of Providence.

Last year we drove out from Providence to Tiverton for a New England shore dinner, sat out by the water, and loved that. I can't remember the name of the place, but it was wonderful. We might want to do that again, plus any other fried clam/lobster roll experience RI folks might want to recommend.

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  1. I'll chime in even though I no longer live in PVD.

    Lots of nightlife-ish places in your area, which won't work with the kids. Thee Red Fez, places on Wickenden Street (Flan Y Ajo, Tazza, etc are all less than a mile from Point St. bridge.

    Cross the bridge and you have places on Water St and Wickenden (Duck and Bunny, Fellini Pizzeria, Hot Club is iconic RI waterside bar). Al Forno is also in that area but I haven't been in years.

    1. I'll agree with digga, basically anyplace within the Jewelry District, downcity, and much of the east side is accessible from the Point Street Bridge. I don't have kids, so I may not be the best authority on family-friendly spots, but off the top of my head I would recommend Providence Coal Fired Pizza on Westminster Street, or Figidini Bros. on Washington, both in Downcity.

      Olga's Cup & Saucer is right in your neighborhood. I believe they're open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday (double-check though), and they're open for breakfast/lunch/coffee most other days. I love Olga's, and it's a local institution. They have a great garden-patio, fabulous baked goods and sandwiches. It's a nice atmosphere for a family outing for sure.

      Right around the corner from Olga's is the PVD outpost of the Blount Clam Shack. I've never been to this location, but I enjoy the offerings at their original location in Warren (making the trek out to Warren is also well worth it, as there's great, walkable shopping and live music at Blount's clam truck almost every night. If you do go to Warren, you could also get dinner at Trafford--family-friendly and if you get there early, you can grab a table on their beautiful deck overlooking the water. Warren is closer than Tiverton, dear to my heart, and there's good food to be had too! Check out the Cheese Plate, the Square Peg, etc.) The Blount's in Providence is probably best for lunch though. Family-friendly.

      Interestingly, I was at Flan y Ajo a few weeks ago and I saw a family of four eat at the counter (they were there at opening, so they were able to get all four seats!) If you are the parent of daring eater(s), this could be an exciting culinary experience for everyone. Flan y Ajo is pretty eccentric and puts out some of the best food in PVD imho.

      I would imagine Abyssinia (Ethiopian cuisine) woudl be pretty entertaining with kids. While it's not the best Ethiopian I've ever tried, I do really enjoy the food and you get to eat with your hands! There's a new gelato place on Wickenden Street for desert afterwards.

      Also the restaurant at AS220 on Empire Street could be fun with kids for lunch or dinner.

      For adult dining within easy walking distance you have a ton of good options. The Dorrance, Flan y Ajo, Local 121, Birch, Gracies, New Rivers, basically anyplace in Downcity. For drinks in a great environment, try The Eddy and Bodega Malasana. I've always enjoyed Bacaro on South Water Street, especially the ciccheti. As digga said, Al Forno is right nearby. In the Jewelry District you have CAV (haven't been there in years though.) General searches of Providence dining topics should put you ont he right track for ideas.
      Good luck!

      1. How old are the kids? We have a 6, 3 and 1 year old, so our dinners out with them are limited for the most part to taverns, pizza and a few ethnic spots. Our mainstays tend to be in the surrounding cities/towns rather than Downcity. If you will have access to a car, I would be happy to the pass them along.

        As Rhody noted, 1.5 miles will encompass pretty much all of downtown, albeit on the far end of that spectrum.

        In Downcity, Murphy's, Trinity Brewpub, Providence Coal Fired Pizza, Teriyaki and Korean House and Luxe Burger Bar are family friendly by our standards.

        A mile and a half will also get you to Federal Hill. Again its on the far end of your range and not the nicest walk (over the highway, past the homeless shelter, on the service road etc.) On the Hill Andinos, Cassertas, Angelo's and Constantino's outdoor patio would all work with younger kids.

        If the kids are older (or infants) the list would be longer.

        1. There are some great recommendations in the replies below.

          I would like to add Hemenway's, with its lovely view of the river if you get a window seat. The menu is eclectic with an emphasis on seafood. It would be fine for couples and older children.

          RIPTA, the mass transit system, has a touristy trolley that might be fun to ride.

          You can pick it up at Kennedy Plaza, within walking distance of South St. It runs east through Providence's East Side and west to Federal Hill, the Italian section, a great area for walking with restaurants, pizza places, pastry shops, markets, etc.

          In the center of "The Hill" is DePasquale Square with its fountain and Italian music. On one corner is Venda Ravioi, a multi-faceted establishment. Its cafe has indoor and outdoor seating. Inside there is a vast array of Italian prepared foods, cheeses, pasta (made there), gelato, pottery, crockery, etc. A good place to explore.

          Around the corner is Pastiche, a European style bakery/cafe with exquisite cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, coffee, tea.

          For pizza on The Hill, there are Casserta's, thick crust,and Bob and Timmy's, thin crust (my favorite).

          The Trolley might get you within a few blocks of Thayer Street, frequented by Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) students. It is lined with shops and eateries from pizza to falafel to souvlaki to hamburgers. Again, a fun place to visit including the Brown University Bookstore.

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          1. re: shutterbugRI

            Great recommendations PVD hounds! I dearly miss living in Providence. Great food scene and best of all are the people!

            I'll throw out one more rec for the adult dinner - north on the West Side. I wouldn't walk it - it's only 1.4 miles from Point St. bridge but not the most pleasant walk (and I'm a big walker). Cab fare to-and-from shouldn't be too bad. I loved my one dinner there - it's quite unique to PVD! Put in your name and then get a drink at the Avery next door, another unique PVD experience.

            Scribos, do report back! PVD could use some more chatter/love on this board! Cheers!


          2. All of the places listed are very nice. But IMO do not walk drive or take a cab. Prov. is going through some violent times, its like the wild west. Just watch the news.

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            1. re: Frank Terranova

              Respect Frank T's opinions on food, but I'm not sure why he's always acting like Providence is Mogadishu or something. Just use common sense like any other city, I've never felt particularly uncomfortable.

              And I would assume the place in Tiverton you went to was Evelyn's?


              1. re: Frank Terranova

                Bad advice, telling people to drive. Don't you know people get killed in car crashes every day?

                Plus, when walking, no one needs to be a designated driver!