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Aug 11, 2013 05:44 PM

Your favorite cupcake frosting....go!

Buttercream, cream cheese, 7 minute....what's your favorite go-to frosting recipe for cupcakes?

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  1. Miracle frosting from Cooks Country.

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    1. re: Becca Porter

      Just checked that frosting seems very similar to flour frosting except with cornstarch as well.I will definitely try that one

    2. My SO loves 7 minute frosting. For me it depends on the purpose. Butter cream as a general frosting, but I like fondant icing for decorating with, although I've never cared for the taste.

      1. Swiss meringue buttercream. I use the cooks illustrated recipe. Light, fluffy and not tooth aching sweet.

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        1. re: bumble

          Another for swiss meringue. It pipes wonderfully.

        2. Whipped cream cheese blended with marshmallow fluff and a little vanilla. It's very stable and lighter than cream cheese frosting, and you can easily control the sweetness level by altering the amount of fluff.

          I have to admit to trying the new Cool Whip frosting, which is sold alongside the Cool Whip. It's Frankenfood, to be sure, but is light, tastes good, and doesn't run or collapse. For cupcakes that have to be transported to a school or gathering, it's a reliable performer.

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            I've been wanting to try the new Cool Whip frosting but I'm afraid I would take it home and then scarf the whole container down with a spoon. And then possibly call it "dinner." Yikes.

            Cream cheese frosting is my favorite! Interesting idea about the Fluff. I think I've seen you mention it on other threads as well. Sounds great!