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Aug 11, 2013 04:01 PM

Late Lunch near Science Museum

A bit late, but here goes: we have tickets to the MoS for 11:30 tomorrow, expect to spend a couple of hours, so will probably want a substantial meal around 2-2:30, the end of the lunch hour.

The route home can go through East Cambridge or back around Mem. Drive.

Looking for something interesting, but specifically for restaurants that stay open through the afternoon, not closing between lunch and dinner. We can probably get subsistence grub at the Museum, but would prefer something more adventurous.

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  1. Courthouse Seafood is open until 3 PM on Mondays. All Star Sandwich would probably work as well. If the weather is gorgeous and your coming Mem Drive, Alive 'n Kickin might be another option but I don't know their hours.

    1. You could also look into one of the east Cambridge Portuguese places. Portugalia, Casa Portugual and Atasca are all open tomorrow for lunch.

      1. I've enjoyed Hit Wicket on Cambridge Street. You can search for the Hit Wicket thread on here for more detailed reviews by other posters. It's a reasonably easy and close drive from MoS - maybe 10-15 min? They open thru the afternoon, I believe.

        I would have said Muqueca but I think they are closed on Mondays.

        1. We loved Tangierino in Charlestown - short drive from the Museum of Science, and great food. We went on a weekend afternoon around that time frame.

          1. Around the corner is Restaurant Dante in the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Bar and patio open at 2:30pm. Menu:

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              I was going to make the same suggestion. Beautiful views and good food.