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Aug 11, 2013 03:42 PM

Birthday Dinner Suggestions

I'm hoping for some help planning my sister's 40th birthday in Manhattan. It's her, her husband's, and our other sister's first time in NY so I want to make sure they have a memorable time. I've booked lunch at Jean Georges to take advantage of the $38 lunch special but I'm a bit stumped for dinner. I'd like to keep dinner a little more casual and less stuffy, around $25-30/pp (not including drinks/tax/tip), ideally in a more charming neighbourhood (West Village?) that would add to the experience, at a more lively restaurant rather than fine dining.

Since NY is new to the three of them I thought they might appreciate checking out some of the places they might have heard of before, so my first thought was The Spotted Pig. I know it'd be quite the wait for a table for 4 at prime dinner hours but we can easily wander around the area and stop off for a drink somewhere while we wait. Very open to other suggestions though if anyone has any.

Only other criteria is that I'd like to keep it south of 23rd St.

Thanks for your help,

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  1. When is the trip and what night of the week will it be? Know that drinks can easily double the $25-30pp budget....

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      End of this month with the birthday on Thursday, August 29. I know drinks will add up quick, that's why I'm hoping to keep the food costs reasonable.

    2. If you are okay with The Spotted Pig costs then I say go for it, it's fun and energetic, the food is great and it has that hint of familiarity because most people that have an interest in food know of the place. Another very nice choice but without the charm that comes from years and years (ala Spotted Pig) is The Marrow (but check the prices to see what you think), also a fan of August.