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Aug 11, 2013 01:35 PM

Substitute for Sour Cream for a Meat Dish

I plan to make a meat dish that calls for sour cream. Normally I would just use Tofuti's sour cream as the substitution but I have tried 3 different stores - they all have the cream cheese but not the sour cream. Any suggestions - perhaps diluting the cream cheese with soured soy milk?

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  1. Depending on the dish, I have first added a little lemon juice to the cooking and then blended in pareve coffee creamer. Works well in Beef Stroganoff or Chicken Paprikash.
    My ex used to use sour salt in the paprikash and stir the coffee creamer into the sauce to thicken just before serving.

    1. I have used the cream cheese with a little lemon juice for multiple dishes. For some reason, it's much more common in "regular" supermarkets, so I have had to do it a few times!

      1. I think some people substitute greek yogurt for sour cream although I've never tried it myself. It would never have occurred to me to sub a cream cheese mix for the sour cream. Maybe yogurt mixed with a small amount of cream cheese and a splash of vinegar for the sourness? I dunno. Just a thought.

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          This is the kosher board, so we can't use yogurt with meat dishes, Greek yogurt or otherwise. The suggestion of cream cheese refers to non-dairy Tofutti brand cream cheese, and was only suggested because non-dairy Tofutti sour cream was unavailable.

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            Oh sorry. This showed up on what I consider the main board but I didn't notice the kosher part:-)

        2. Pareve sour cream is really easy to make: 1 package silken tofu, 1 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 cup oil. Puree, then gradually add 1/2 cup oil. Incredibly good, and much cheaper than the sour cream substitutes at the grocery store.

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            Thanks for the information, I will give it a try.

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              That sounds like a great option. I was really disappointed with the tofutti sour cream. It seemed like a thinner version of their cream cheese.

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                I think it is! If I were going to make cream cheese from that recipe, I would jst let it drain overnight. :)

            2. Depending on what it is being used for (i.e. taste versus acidity/creaminess balance versus thickening agent) a [pareve yogurt like Whole Soy can work.