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Aug 11, 2013 01:13 PM

Masterchef Auditions

I'm really surprised no one has mentioned this yet. Masterchef auditions were held this weekend. Did anyone go? Did you make it to the next "round"?

My neighbor got in with a seared scallop on avocado puree and corn salsa.

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  1. Don't they need to sign NDAs?

    I heard about it on Sunday. Would have been fun to have tried out just for the experience.

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    1. re: ylsf

      They're usually allowed to say whether they got through auditions or not. At least people I know on other shows like that were. NDA's are usually for the actual filming.

    2. A friend of mine went and made it to the camera audition. They loved her and wanted her to move on to the next round, but you have to essentially put your life on hold for the next 6 months, which she wasn't willing to do.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        Even if they really should. Clearly, this creative outlet makes them very happy. The world can wait for their return.

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Where did you get 6months?

          Under Eligibility Requirements:
          "You understand that filming is scheduled to take place between approximately September – October 2013 for approximately forty (40) days"

          1. re: asagiri

            Sorry, that was just a number I assumed because they wanted her to skip her entire school semester.