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Aug 11, 2013 12:24 PM

Dog friendly in Asheville area

I'll be in Asheville for a week, mid-Sept. with a group of 10 foodies and a small well behaved hypoallergenic dog. Can anyone recommend really good dog tolerant or friendly restaurants. I've cross ref'd bringfido dot com with chowhound, but suspect bringfido is mainly for non foodies desperate for anyplace that accept dogs.

I'm hoping to create a list of places that the foodies will like, not just places that take dogs and serve slop.

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  1. You may want to call ahead to verify, but I'm pretty sure all of these are dog-friendly on their patios (and they are all good):
    Wicked Weed
    Sunny Point
    12 Bones (lunch only)
    9 Mile
    Chai Pani
    The Junction
    White Duck Taco

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      Thank you so much! You have a bunch I didn't know about. I can hardly wait to go!

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        We eat out all the time with our dog here in Asheville. Pretty much if they have an outdoor patio, then your dog is welcome. There is also the Battery Park wine bar that will allow your dog inside so that is a nice place to go if the weather is bad. Many places also have covered Sunny Point so that is good in rainy weather, which we have a lot of this summer. So search to see if they have outdoor dining and if they do, then your 4 legged family member will probably be welcome.

    2. With or without the dog are there restaurants or dishes not to be missed? Is Curate as good as the hype? Dough?

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        I, personally, do not think Curate is anywhere near as good as the hype, but I seem to be in the minority. No room for dogs there, anyway.

        I had lunch at Wicked Weed on Saturday. It was pretty good, and there were dogs galore on the patio. We had fried calamari, the vegetarian "market plate" of favas, carrots and cuke salad, a wedge salad w/ bacon, mussels in a delicious, very sweet coconut broth, and a "house smoked" turkey sandwich. We're a little suspicious of the "house smoked" part, but it was nonetheless a good sandwich. The freak IPA was very good.

        Sunny Point has welcomed my dog in the past, and it's a covered patio (it rains constantly this year). Nice, although heavy break-fast type food. Coffee is good, the "breakfast salad" is good, make sure you get something you can put jam on.

      2. Asheville is very dog friendly. Many restaurants actually have bowls of water constantly filled right on their patios. If you aren't worried about your dog swapping spit with other dogs, and why would you be, it's a good barometer for canine happiness.

        1. My wife and I were in Asheville with our two lab mixes this past weekend. We had lunch at Laughing Seed, White Duck Taco; brunch at Posana; and dinner at Corner Kitchen, Plant, and Asheville Pizza and Brewing (downtown location).

          Advice: call beforehand at Corner Kitchen, Plant and Posana; they seem to be very busy restaurants and are more likely to accommodate you with advance notice. WDT and APB have lots of picnic tables and it is first come, first served at each. Some wait at WDT, no wait at APB.

          As for the food, Corner Kitchen, Plant, WDT and Posana were top notch. We also thought APB was very good at what they do -- pizza and beer. It's not gourmet, but it is solid. Would not go back to Laughing Seed, dogs are restricted to the streetside tables -- which means a longer wait -- and food has slipped since our last visit.