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Pretzel Crisps (by Snack Factory) - have you spotted these?

I've recently become addicted to these, courtesy of the little snack vending area in my office, but I'm getting tired of getting gouged for a little 2 oz bag each purchase. I know these exist in bigger bags at some markets, but I'll be darned if they are sold in my neighborhood supermarkets (North Quincy).

Who can help me? Have you seen full size bags sold at a regular supermarket/store in the Boston/Cambridge/Quincy area? For the uninitiated, these are thin, flat pretzels with the crisp of a potato chip, but way less fat, and come in assorted flavors like Buffalo Wing and Cheddar Horseradish that actually taste good.

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  1. I have bought them at the Shaw's (or is it Star?) in the Dedham Plaza. I suspect other Shaw's and Star Markets have them too.
    They are usually in a rack near the end of the cheese section (rather than with the chips/pretzels/popcorn).

    I remember buying the Sesame, Everything and Garlic Parmesan. Not sure if they had the ones you mentioned.

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      Yep, I've seen them at the Allston Star - as markin617 says, they're in the fancy cheese section, not the snacks aisle.

    2. And, according to this page, they shouldn't be too hard to find (Stop and Shop, Whole Foods, Roche Bros., etc. plus convenience sores and gas stations)


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        You'd think, but yet my local S&S and Hannaford's don't have them, nor does the closest Walmart. I have not made my way to check Roche Bros or Stars, as the they're not close enough for me to make regular visits. I'll have to make a trip to check those out. I did make sure to look in the deli section too, as noted on the website, but didn't find them in the stores by me.

        Being car-less unfortunately doesn't make Dedham Plaza feasible unless I want to take a 2 hr trip via commuter rail and bus. I don't like them that much.

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          Roche Bros in Quincy has them. Check in the deli area of the store rather than the snack aisle.

      2. You can get giant 26 ounce bags of the plain ones at Costco.


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          Mmm...giant bag. If they offered the flavored ones in giant bags, I'm sold. I'll have to take a look at Costco.

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            I've only seen the plain or "original" as they are called.

        2. I buy them at my local S&S.

          1. I have no idea if this is convenient ( I live in Nova Scotia), but I bought some at the Shaws beside the Prudential Center when I was visiting Boston a couple of weeks ago.

            1. They are in every supermarket. I buy them all the time along with a large container of hummos.

              1. I saw them at Target in Watertown yesterday, though I don't remember seeing flavored ones.

                1. every shaws and stop and shop i've been to. usually by the cheese case.

                  1. Thanks for the responses - I will take a closer look at the cheese/deli section. Perhaps I was unlucky enough to just miss them at both supermarkets.

                    In a bit of irony, I sent a request to S&S to ask the N. Quincy location to carry them, and today I got a voice mail from the store manager (yes, they really listen!) that confirmed they carry them in the "bizarre section". I giggled at how fitting that was, until I finally caught on that he meant bazaar.

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                      I bought some today at the NQ Hannafords. They had 4 different varieties. Walk past the deli, towards the bakery, there is a huge display of cheeses to the left and if you look to the right you'll see a shelf with Pretzel Crisps and Bagel Crisps.

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                        I'll have to check it out another time. I went back to NQ S&S and did find them, but they only carry the jumbo bags in 3 flavors, and not the ones I wanted. Tried a garlic parmesan, and while good, not as addicting as their buffalo wing flavor ones. Bummer.