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Aug 11, 2013 09:43 AM

Somethings that you eat that others think are gross..

I really like King Edwards petite sardines, but will not pass up the cheap ones in mustard sauce.

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  1. I really like tripe, chitlins', hog maws, headcheese, tendon etc.

    1. Pork brains and scrambled eggs. My bf just can't grasp this meal and that's okay, more for me.

      1. I love fermented tofu. It is usually sold by the jar in Asian groceries.

        I'm looking at an unopened jar right now. The label says "Hwang Ryh Shiang Fermented Chili Bean Curd (Chunk) With Sesame Oil."

        Since there are no Asian restaurants in my area which offer this stuff, I like to get a take-out order and spoon it on my rice before adding the food.

        I think it is delicious, but none of my friends think so. However, I had a head start on them, and bonded with it at a very early age, when it was first fed to me when I was a baby.


        1. Morcilla ,cuchifrito ,capocella ,tripe ,whelks /scungilli ,kidneys and heart .There something I know I forgetting. OH YEA poultry butts like from chicken and turkey.

          1. Menudo, beef tongue, chicken hearts & gizzards.