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Aug 11, 2013 09:18 AM

Decent White Wine in Splits or Small Boxes?

I love to use a little white wine when cooking certain dishes, but it's always the same thing: I open a bottle, use about 1/4 cup, and the bottle sits in the refrigerator until I have to throw it out (I don't drink white wine at home). I just don't use enough quantity to make it a viable ingredient.

So what I'm wondering is whether there's any quality white wine (acidic, not too oaky or buttery) available in splits or small boxes? It's got to be reasonably good stuff though; I'd rather use no wine at all than crummy wine....

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  1. The chard and sav blanc at target come in little boxes. Stays good and perfectly good for cooking and even a little drinking.

    1. Higher-acid whites keep for a long time in the fridge. I currently use Sauvignon Republic from Trader Joe's.

      1. Oh, buy something simple (no more than 1€/L here) and add those half glasses left in the bottle on the table after 2-3 nights from time to time.

        If you drink wine daily, this isn't a problem.

        Come to think of it, my cooking wine is probably infinitely better than the Italian Muscat I started with. <g>

        1. Jim,
          I suggest getting a good bottle of white Vermouth (I use Boissiere)--it's more versatile and adds a deeper dimension than ordinary whites. They also remain fresh for quite a while in the fridge, especially if you use a vacu-vin.

          1. You could get a PlatyPreserve bag, in the fridge that should keep wine good for cooking for months.

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              Zip-lock bags for wine?? The Coravin guy had $2million in start-up capital. This idea cost very little, in comparison, and probably would work for a lot of people. But......... really?????

              1. re: Midlife

                Not a zip bag, it's a soft canteen with a screwtop, basically a plastic bota. I've been using one for years when hiking. You can put on a dish soap-style squirt top instead, which would make sense for cooking.