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Aug 11, 2013 06:58 AM

D'Aiuto's Bakery on 8th Ave to close today 8/11/13 after nearly 80 years.

Just found out this morning, via one of my favorite blogs. I've found myself stopping in more and more over the past month (as recently as last week) an had absolutely no idea they were closing. While I adored the cheesecake, their chocolate cigars were my favorite.
It had been around since 1924 and in the 1970s had five locations.

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  1. So sad. When 9 st. Bakery in the EV closed earlier in the summer I said to myself, "at least I have D'aiuto's as a backup". And just a couple months later this happens! Where am I supposed to get my cheap and humongous hamantaschen now?

    I stopped in yesterday and they said that they were affiliated with Mona Lisa bakery in Bensonhurst, but I don't see myself getting out there very often.