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Aug 11, 2013 06:29 AM

Loch Lomond. Lost in traslation

Driving by Loch Lomond in the morning and stopped for pastry to bring home, noticed they had 'Scottish' beef pies, bought 6. Baked 4 of them for my wife and I for dinner. Gave the left overs to my two dogs. I shop for, cook, and eat out at more ethnic restaurants than I do 'American'. I 'get' 'melting pot' theme of modern American cooking. I love it. But are these India Nationals just trying to reproduce Scottish late night bar food ? Or am I just reading to much into it....

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  1. I'm really confused. Loch Lomond the lake or Loch Lomond is a store? And it's run by Indians?

    1. reiflaime: Loch Lomond is the name of a bakery near the U. of MD, in the same strip as was the original Ledo's Pizza. It may have been started by someone from Scotland but for at least the past 10 years, it has been owned by an Indian.

      3MTA3: I'm unclear on the point of your post. Do you object to non-Scots making Scottish late night bar food? Or was the taste of the Scottish beef pies not authentic? Or was the taste just not good (and so you fed the leftovers to your dogs)?