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Aug 10, 2013 09:15 PM

Fresh Wild Caught Texas Gulf Shrimp, $9.99/lb at Raley's, Nob Hill & Bel Air

The Salinas Nob Hill store was blanketed with day-glo posters promoting fresh wild caught Texas gulf shrimp for $9.99 per pound today. They're shell-on, 16 to 25 count, jumbo size. The lady at the fish counter says they get them in a couple times each summer. A first for me though, and I bought a half-pound to try.

For dinner, I did a Cantonese style dry-fry with aromatics, rice wine and light soy sauce. The shrimp have great texture and flavor, and are a big step up from frozen, farmed shrimp.

More about these shrimp,

Gon jin har recipe,

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  1. That is cheaper than I can get here in Florida.

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      Thanks for the price check. Frankly, I wasn't too concerned about the price as it was in the range of affordability. We so rarely see fresh, non-farmed shrimp, I was a buyer regardless.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Some of the smaller Texas shrimpers are day trippers, or more accurately night trippers when they trawl, and don't have freezers. They return with relatively small catches of wonderful fresh fresh shrimp which is 3 points better than frozen, on a 10 scale. How they got it from TX to CA and could sell it for that price is amazing, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Texans leaving beach weekends back to the cities are always looking for highway-side vendors of fresh fresh who team up with the small shrimpers. Often they have not been divided by size, so you get what they caught. I always had a cooler in the car for this possibility.

        1. re: Veggo

          This supermarket chain does one-time buys that it promotes heavily, such as the Hatch chiles that should be arriving any minute now, to generate foot traffic. It probably gets the best price available due to the large volume to supply all its stores and then sells close to cost.

          I was happy to hear from the staffer that this happens every summer. And was a bit miffed that this was the first I'd been aware of this shrimp connection. I've been missing out all this time!

    2. What does "fresh" mean please? I'd understood that mostly all shrimp are flash-frozen on the boat. But that's good to know. We have Raley's here.

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      1. re: c oliver

        I have been on 3 shrimp boats and have seen a couple of others at the dock. None of the shrimp boats I have experience with, have freezers.

        The boats I fished on, and the others I knew of, advertised "Fresh" shrimp. It was a big selling point.

        The article explains the shrimp (at Raleys) can be in the stores in 72 hours.

        Based on my experience, most shrimp are not flash-frozen on the boat. A fish processor (wholesaler) should know his market, he/she will sell all they can fresh, and freeze the balance.

        1. re: Alan408

          Any sources for fresh California shrimp? I do see live shrimp (e.g., spot prawns) available seasonally, but the price is prohibitive for live product.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            The guys I went with have retired, they did not do well shrimping. Off Monterey, we caught spots, off Canada; we caught a lot of coon stripes, in AK nothing. None of the quantites we caught were enough to sell commercially.

      2. Thanks, Melanie. I picked up 3/4 pound on Sunday; tonight I sauteed them briefly with lots of fresh onion, elephant garlic (fresh from the Sunnyvale Farmers Market on Saturday), olive oil, fresh pepper and salt. Served over Colavita pappardelle pasta. Salad along side. Lovely.

        PS: Olson's fruit stand has been selling really lovely fresh peaches the last couple of weeks, if you're around the area!

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        1. re: California Sunshine

          Glad you were able to jump on 'em. These shrimp are a treat.

        2. So has anyone cooked them up yet?? If so, did they live up to expectations?
          Raley's carries wild shrimp from time to time, but the freshness and flavor can be hit or miss.
          I've found good reasonably priced wild shrimp at Savemart as well.

          The guy at Raley's in Merced told me yesterday the sale ends Tuesday 8/13 (today). He said they had a lot left, so the sale could be extended.
          I'll have to pick some up for a shrimp paella.

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          1. re: Agrippa

            I'll have to pay attention at the local SaveMart now, thanks.

          2. Melanie -

            So what did you think? Were they everything you hoped for? This week they have 16-25 sized shrimp for $13.99. However, Safeway has wild caught gulf shrimp 21-25 for $9.99 that were frozen/thawed. I wonder if I could tell the difference.

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            1. re: seamunky

              Did you do a taste comparison with Safeway's frozen shrimp?

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Unfortunately, no. Life got in the way and I never made it to the stores. I may have missed my chance this year.