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Aug 10, 2013 06:36 PM

Pork & Pie in Marshall, NC (outside Asheville, NC)

This place just opened, and we randomly ended up there, and it is bringing it. Top notch pizza, but the pork side is a bunch of New Orleans dishes, including real thing Gumbo and Red Beans and Rice. Also the pork belly with cheese grits is awesome, and the burger is the best that I have had in a while. And it is a casual place that didn't mind our babies who loved the pork rinds that they offered instead of bread to get you started. Not many desserts, but the bread pudding was good, and the beignets seemed more like fried dough but were tasty.

18 N Main St
Marshall, NC 28753 ‎

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  1. Set in a historical building in the ghost town of Marshall, NC, Pork and Pie has a great atmosphere -in A Democratic Party environment
    We arrived around 7 PM on a Friday night in early November(11/1}
    to basically an empty restaurant -two tables were taken. It got a "little busier, later on)
    They start the diner out with a complimentary basket of Pork Rinds
    This maybe the worst food I have ever tasted in my meager 68 years of existence.
    We both ordered the specials. Wife number 3 ordered Fried Catfish($16) served with aside of shrimp entonfte
    (spelling) It was basically shrimp and rice- Excellent and loved
    Dr Foodstein ordered Beef Short Ribs served with thin fries and a fabulous spinach saute EXCELLENT also $16 Both specials were the most expensive items on the menu and very ample portions to boot
    The menu consists of Cajun dishes:Red Rice and Beans($8), Oysters ($10)
    Osso Bucco , and some other Pasta dishes. The other side had very different and special choices of Pizza - which looked good- thin crust style
    Great reasonably priced wine choices
    The highlight for wife #3 was the white chocolate Bread Pudding
    For whatever the reason NO BREAD PUDDING CAN BE FOUND in AVL
    The Bill, with tip, came to $65( three glasses of wine @$6 per)
    A little pricey, but well worth it, especially compared to downtown AVL
    Service was enthusiastic. They want to exceed
    Will return . This is a good restaurant choice for a difficult and demanding patron
    Give it a try
    The drive to Marshall is Fabulous Mountains and great light

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    1. re: mustardgirl

      Thank you for this believable review. I know that you're local (and real) from your previous posts.

      I noted that Wing's previous posts about Asheville were one each year around Feb. from 2009-2012 promoting a bread festival. Everything else was from the Boston, MA area.

      Wonder how this person just "randomly" ended up in a restaurant in Marshall, NC. Marshall? Random? Hmmmmm?

      1. re: JTomWilson

        Give me a break, I rarely post, but my father lives in Marshall, and runs the bread festival, so when I visited we went the Pork & Pie like 3 times, and when the bread festival happens each year he asks me to post the basic information. Suspicious much?

        1. re: winq

          Thanks for the clarification; my appologies. I knew that as soon as I would question a post I would be wrong.

          Check out the New York Attorney General's lawsuit over fake Yelp reviews. That's what planted the suspicion in my mind..

          1. re: JTomWilson

            If someone is active on other boards I consider them a legitimate poster. Chowhounds travel and being Chowhounds, they eat!